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Crafted extremely thorough research, this is the place for in-depth bicycle product reviews.

Repair Articles

A section dedicated to bicycle repair, restoration, and bicycle maintenance.

Video Tutorials

YouTube is where I share DIY repair, restore and maintenance tutorials. Check it out.

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A place to hangout for people looking for advice on restoring and repairing bicycles and sharing experiences.

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I’m a proud member and supporter of the following local cycling initiatives.

About me

My name is Johan van Seijen and I’m just another guy who likes bicycles. Well… maybe not entirely. At some point I decided to move beyond only being able to fix a flat tire to imagining a certain riding experience and build the bike for it. 

To do so, I do a tremendous amount of research in everything bicycle related. And because the internet can be such a mess in terms of providing the information necessary, I decided to create my own and share it. This website, the YouTube channel, and Facebook group are its result. I hope you enjoy them!