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Repair articles

Repairing and restoring bicycles is where it all started. On this page you can find an overview of some of the more popular articles I’ve written on the subject.

Bikes & parts

Stories about vintage bikes and their parts. View entire category

Bike restoration

From painting to polishing, if it isn’t broken doesn’t mean it can’t be upgraded. View entire category

Bike repair

We go beyond fixing flat tires to bring you the information to get your bike going. View entire category

Bike maintenance

Once the bike restoration project is finished, your bike needs to receive some TLC every now and then. View entire category

Bike catalogs

Want to know what year the bike from your favorite brand is from? You’ll find it on the bike catalog pages. View entire category

gt catalogs
bike catalogs

Vintage GT Catalogs

Here you can find a selection of GT catalogs from 1990 up to 1998. If you’re looking for a specific model for a specific year,

kona catalogs
bike catalogs

Vintage Kona Catalogs

Here you can find all the Kona catalogs from 1989 up to 1999. If you’re looking for a specific model for a specific year, you can

giant catalogs
bike catalogs

Vintage Giant Catalogs

Unfortunately I was only able to find a couple of Giant catalogs. Although it’s a huge bicycle brand, finding the Giant catalogs proved to be

Restored bikes

An overview of all the bikes I have that have either been restored or bought as is. View entire category