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Panaracer Smoke Dart Review

In this article I’m going to give you my Panaracer Smoke Dart review. If you’re looking for true skin wall 26″ trail tires, the Panaracer Smoke Dart combination is one of the very few solutions out there.

Panaracer always makes very nice tires. I’ve bought a bunch of them and these Smoke and Dart are a very obvious choice for any retro build.


Tread pattern

The Smoke with its horizontal knobs goes in the back for both traction and braking power. And the Dart is only meant for the front with its elongated knobbies to cut deep into the soil and provide you with the grip you’re looking for.

cannondale super v

It really is a classic tire, because compared to other trail tires the 2.1″ is more cross-country territory than trail. But back in the nineties, 2.1″ was considered wide and the Super V’s rear swingarm won’t even hold bigger tires anyway.

Grip and riding behavior

So what exactly can you expect to get from a 26″ x 2.1″ tires. You can expect enough grip in loose and dry conditions. The aggressive tread pattern makes sure of that.

This is not a tire for muddy conditions or sandy conditions. They clog up pretty quickly and are too thin to get you through the sand easily enough.

If you don’t mind the fact whether or not you ride skinwalls I would pick a wider tire if your frame and rims hold them. Though not a true skinwall tire, the 2.3″ Schwalbe Nobby Nic provides more grip while cornering.

Concluding remarks about this Panaracer Smoke Dart Review

cannondale super v 1

That being said, the fact that these tires are a reissue from the nineties means you really get the feel that belongs to a mountain bike from that era. They are a solid ride in dry conditions and will get you across the average trail.

They cost me 70 euros for the pair, which is about average for a premium tire. 620 grams isn’t much for a trail tire and after all the riding I’ve been doing with them this past year, they seem to hold up great as well.

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