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The top 5 most comfortable road bike tires

In this article I’m going to give you my list for the very best most comfortable road bike tires.

As a complete tire nut, this list was much harder to make than many other lists I’ve compiled on the subject of tires. The term comfortable is not exactly easy to measure, but take out most what could be deemed subjective, I’ve looked at a combination of experience, tire volume, and TPI or threads per ince as a good starting point.

Most comfortable does not necessarily equate to fast. Riding a time trial bike doesn’t look more comfortable than riding a city commuter, and it isn’t. But it doesn’t mean you have trade one for the other. Tire manufacturers are always looking for the ways to incorporate all aspects riders are looking for, including the combination of speed, comfort, longevity, and puncture protection. But those tires that combine high numbers in those categories do command a premium for obvious reasons.

I’ve included tires with a width sitting between 25 and 28 mm. More volume obviously means more comfort, but the average road bike frame wasn’t built for tires wider than 28 mm. You should be looking in the gravel bike section if 28 mm is still too slim for you.

Another factor is suppleness, or how the tire comforms to road irregularities and absorbs them instead of sending them through to the rider. This is where TPI comes in, with a higher TPI count equating to higher levels of comfort. You do have to take tire presure into account as well, but since a tire doesn’t come pre-inflated, it’s up to you to decide what suits you best.

TPI for road bike tires goes up to a 120. Higher numbers are calculated simply by adding the TPI count of multiple layers. This would explain a TPI of 300, which would be the result of adding 3 layers of 100 each. By playing around with the TPI count, the thread material (nylong, cotton, silk) and the amount of rubber, you can infuse your tire with suppleness. Unfortunately, suppleness is not a standard in the tire industry, so for now we’ll have to rely on TPI as simply another metric that tells part of the story at best.

So that’s about what I have to say for an introduction. Let’s go to the list of most comfortable road bike tires.

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR

Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR
Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR

Continental is known for their light-weight tire offerings and the Continental Grand Prix 500 S TR is no exception. It’s the tubeless ready version of the standard Grand Prix 5000, which is a clincher tire.

The tubeless ready Grand Prix 5000 has the same excellent stats. A 2/220 TPI supple tire, that comes in your standard 25 and 28 mm width versions. At 250 grams for the 25 mm and 280 for the 28 mm version, these tires are pretty light. And on top of that, this tire scores extremely high markers in the rolling resistance department. That means you can check both light and fast of your list of requirements, when you go for this tire.

A tan wall version is included among the sizes for those who want to mount them.

Schwalbe Pro One

Schwalbe Pro One
Schwalbe Pro One

The Schwalbe Pro One is a top-tier tire from the German brand, which can also be used for time trials.

It’s very light and has one of the best low rolling-resistance numbers. Like many super-fast tires it’s still a clincher tire.

The 23 mm version weighs 215 grams and the 25 mm version 235 grams. The 25 mm version also comes as a tan wall.

Vittoria Corsa Speed

Vittoria Corsa Speed
Vittoria Corsa Speed

The Vittoria Corsa Speed is basically Vittoria’s time trial version of its regular Corsa. Two black tubeless ready versions exist, and it’s these tubeless versions which are also fastest. A considerable amount of rubber has been shaved off. This has resulted in a 23 mm width version of 225 and a 25 mm width version of 240 grams.

All that reduction in weight does of course come with a penalty, so this tire is best reserved when you really want to go really fast. Or else the 140 dollar price tag for a tire that isn’t all that durable might not be the best option for the average rider.

But if you do decide to go for this tire, just to experience what it feels like, you can rest assured that the 320 TPI count will provide both a very smooth and very fast ride, which will hopefully make you forget how much money you spent for that ride.

Challenge Strada

Challenge Strada
Challenge Strada

If one thing, the handmade tires from Italian manufacturer Challenge are pricey, very pricey. The Challenge Strada will hurt your wallet. In return you get an extremely supple and grippy tire that inspires confidence on the road.

These tires come in both a black and tan wall version, as do a lot of premium road bike tires today. With 240 grams for a 25 mm version the weight is more than adequate.

Rene Herse Chinook Pass

Rene Herse Chinook Pass
Rene Herse Chinook Pass

Rene Herse is known for their high-comfort supple tires. It’s obvious that the brand cares for their product.

The company has developed their own compound and use the manufacturing capabilities of Panaracer to fabricate their products. The result is an extremely lightweight tire that’s beautiful in its simplicity, reminiscent of the best tire manufacturers of the previous century.

For the plushest ride I would definitely opt for the extralight casing. I wouldn’t spend this amount of money and not add an extra 10 dollars and not go for this option.

This tire differs from a number of other tires on this list because it’s a 28 mm version only, so it’s not a pure race day tire. That’s not to say that this tire isn’t fast.

Specifications most comfortable road bike tires

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at AmazonBuy at Ebay
Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR700Cx2828-622280BlackBlacklinklink
Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR700Cx2828-622280BlackTransparentlinklink
Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR700Cx2525-622250BlackBlacklinklink
Continental Grand Prix 5000 S TR700Cx2525-622250BlackTransparentlinklink
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2525-622235BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2525-622235BlackTransparentlinklink
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2828-622250BlackBlack
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2828-622250BlackTransparent
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2525-622240BlackBlacklink
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2828-622260BlackTan
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2626-622240BlackTan
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2828-622260BlackBlack
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2626-622240BlackBlack
Challenge Strada700Cx2525-622BlackTan
Challenge Strada700Cx2727-622BlackTanlink
Challenge Strada700Cx2525-622BlackBlack
Challenge Strada700Cx2525-622BlackTan
Challenge Strada700Cx2727-622BlackTan
Challenge Strada700Cx2525-622BlackCream
Challenge Strada700Cx2727-622BlackCream
Challenge Strada700Cx2525-622BlackBlack
Rene Herse Chinook Pass700Cx2828-622248BlackTan
Rene Herse Chinook Pass700Cx2828-622225BlackTan