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The top 5 lowest rolling resistance road bike tires

In this article I’m going to give you my list for the lowest rolling resistance road bike tires.

Every road cyclist worth his or her salt is looking for speed. And probably the single most important aspect wihen it comes to speed associated with tires is called rolling resistance. Rolling resistance is the amount of energy output absorbs between the tire and the road it’s connected with.

It’s not as simple as having paperthin slick tires inflated to the point of bursting, but this article is not about going into detail about the complexities of rubber compounds and the effects on rolling resistance. I’ll leave that up to the tire manufacturers to figure out. I’m only interested in the end result, not how that was achieved.

For normal road use I would advise a tire with a width of 25 mm, so for one exception that’s the measurement that’s been used to compare the tires. Since I don’t have a device to measure rolling resistance I’ve simple looked at the results as shown on the site bicyclerollingresistance.com. So they should take credit where credit is due.

And now, without further ado, here’s the ist of the lowest rolling resistance road bike tires.

Continental Grand Prix 5000

Continental Grand Prix 5000
Continental Grand Prix 5000

The Continental Grand Prix 5000 is a clincher tire and dubbed as the best allrounder in the field.

And on paper at least the numbers are very impressive. A 330 TPI tire (very supple) at a claimed weight of 200 grams for a 23 mm width version. The 25 mm version differ in weight with the one with the transparent sidewall weighing 230 grams while the other two weight 255.

The Continental Grand Prix is a clincher tire.

Schwalbe Pro One

Schwalbe Pro One
Schwalbe Pro One

The Schwalbe Pro One is a top-tier tire from the German brand, which can also be used for time trials.

It’s very light and has one of the best low rolling-resistance numbers. Like many super-fast tires it’s still a clincher tire.

The 23 mm version weighs 215 grams and the 25 mm version 235 grams. The 25 mm version also comes as a tan wall.

Michelin Power Time Trial

Michelin Power Time Trial
Michelin Power Time Trial

The Michelin Power Time Trial is, as the name suggests, another time trial entry to this list. It sacrifices durability and puncture resistance for pure speed.

The two sizes of 23 and 25 mm tip the scales at 180 and 190 grams respectively, so considering their widths, this is truly one of the lightest tires on the planet.

You’d expect from a time trial tire that it performs well in the rolling resistance department, and the Michelin Power Time Trial does indeed.

Vittoria Corsa Speed

Vittoria Corsa Speed
Vittoria Corsa Speed

The Vittoria Corsa Speed is basically Vittoria’s time trial version of its regular Corsa. Two black tubeless ready versions exist, and it’s these tubeless versions which are also fastest. A considerable amount of rubber has been shaved off. This has resulted in a 23 mm width version of 225 and a 25 mm width version of 240 grams.

All that reduction in weight does of course come with a penalty, so this tire is best reserved when you really want to go really fast. Or else the 140 dollar price tag for a tire that isn’t all that durable might not be the best option for the average rider.

But if you do decide to go for this tire, just to experience what it feels like, you can rest assured that the 320 TPI count will provide both a very smooth and very fast ride, which will hopefully make you forget how much money you spent for that ride.

Veloflex Record

Veloflex Record
Veloflex Record

The Veloflex Record is a tire from a small Italian Manufacturer. Made by hand, this tire is only meant for time trials and track racing.

Its 350 TPI casing weighing in at an astounding 135 grams doesn’t have any protection to speak of. That means that if you venture out on anything else but the smoothest of tarmac you’re bound to run a flat sooner or later.

Sadly enough they only offer a 23 mm version. But the tire is fast as lightning indeed.

Specifications lowest rolling resistance road bike tires

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at AmazonBuy at Ebay
Continental Grand Prix 5000700Cx2525-622230BlackTransparentlinklink
Continental Grand Prix 5000700Cx2525-622255BlackCreamlinklink
Continental Grand Prix 5000700Cx2525-622225BlackBlacklinklink
Continental Grand Prix 5000700Cx2323-622200BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2323-622215BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2525-622235BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Pro One700Cx2525-622235BlackTransparentlinklink
Michelin Power Time Trial700Cx2323-622180BlackBlacklinklink
Michelin Power Time Trial700Cx2525-622190BlackBlacklinklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2323-622200BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2323-622200BlackTanlinklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2525-622205BlackBlacklinklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2525-622205BlackTanlinklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2323-622225BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2525-622240BlackBlacklink
Veloflex Record700Cx2325-622135BlackTanlinklink