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The top 7 best tubular road bike tires

In this article I’m going to give my list for the best tubular road bike tires.

In the industry there are a few well known brands who’ve been at the top of their game for many years, and their tires you can find on this list.

The tires vary with the intended use. I’ve added a number of Vittoria tires. The standard Corsa, and the Corsa Control and Corsa Speed, which are meant for harsher conditions and time trials respectively. You can find that decisions with other items as well. So depending on your personal preference, allround, speed, endurance, you might opt for one over the other tire.

All are excellent choices. So here’s my list of the best tubular road bike tires.

Challenge Strada Pro

Challenge Strada Pro
Challenge Strada Pro

If one thing, the handmade tires from Italian manufacturer Challenge are pricey, very pricey. The Challenge Strada will hurt your wallet. In return you get an extremely supple and grippy tire that inspires confidence on the road.

These tires come in both a black and tan wall version, as do a lot of premium road bike tires today. With 240 grams for a 25 mm version the weight is more than adequate.

Continental Competition

Continental Competition
Continental Competition

The Continental Competition is a very different tire than the Grand Prix TT. More of an allround race tire, only the extremely narrow 19 mm get’s below the 200 grams at 195. Should you move up to either 22 or 25 mm the weight increases as well to 230 and 245 respectively, which is still very respectable for an allround road bike tire.

With a TPI of 180 it does pack far more rubber making this tire far more durable. Furthermore it does have the same vectran breaker and just the tiniest of tread to maximise rolling resistance.

The Continental Competition is a tubular tire, which means that these tires may very well be lighter than the Grand Prix TT which needs tubes.

Continental Podium TT

Continental Podium TT
Continental Podium TT

Another Time Trial entry, the Continental Podium TT sits at 195 grams for a 19 mm width version.

It’s extremely similar to the Continental Competition. Same weight, both are tubulars, same TPI of 180, same vectran breaker. Only the tread pattern looks slightly different, almost turning the tire into a slick, which might be the reason Continental puts this tire into the time trial section.

Continental Sprinter Gatorskin

Continental Sprinter Gatorskin
Continental Sprinter Gatorskin

If you’re looking for puncture protection that comes in a tubular package, the Continental Sprinter Gatorskin is your best bet.

It offers the same Duraskin layer wrapped all around the tire as does the Continental Grand Prix 4-Season. Where it differs is both the breaker and the compound.

The Sprinter Gatorskin has a 3-layered 180 TPI BlackChili casing and the SafetySystem breaker is made from kevlar reinforced nylon.

The tire is available in a black 22 or 25 mm width.

Vittoria Corsa

Vittoria Corsa
Vittoria Corsa

The Vittoria Corsa tops many lists as one of the best road bike tires in general. And lucky for us, they also offer a tan-wall version of this beauty of a tire.

The Vittoria Corsa is a tire for the current generation of road bikes. At 290 grams for a 25 mm width it’s the heaviest tire on this list. But the combination of that weight and a extremely high 320 TPI carcass means this is one of the most comfortable road tires on the market today, and an obvious choice for many road cyclists.

Not only is this an extremely comfortable tire, grip, handling, and cornering confidence is also at a maximum with this tire. And for years the Vittoria Corsa has set the benchmark of being the tire with the lowest rolling resistance. All of these characteristics combined make the Vittoria Corsa a failsafe option for sure.

Vittoria Corsa Control

Vittoria Corsa Control
Vittoria Corsa Control

If you want a bit more puncture protection but still have Vittoria emblazoned on your sidewall, the Vittoria Corsa Control will suit your needs.

It’s obviously heaver than its other namesake, but with it comes extra protection. It has an extra tread inserted into the tire, which adds control and durability for less than optimal road conditions like cobblestones and rougher roads.

It’s also a perfect companion for those who don’t mind riding in wet conditions. So choose this tire over the normal Corsa if rough and wet is what you like.

The Vittoria Corsa Control is also the only tan-wall road bike tire on this list that comes as a tube. So if you have a very premium vintage road bike or a very premium set of modern-day wheels you can take advantage of everything tubes have to offer as well.

Vittoria Corsa Speed

Vittoria Corsa Speed
Vittoria Corsa Speed

The Vittoria Corsa Speed is basically Vittoria’s time trial version of its regular Corsa. A tubular tire where a considerable amount of rubber has been shaved of to create a 23 mm width 200 gram tire in either black or tan.

All that reduction in weight does of course come with a penalty, so this tire is best reserved when you really want to go really fast. Or else the 140 dollar price tag for a tire that isn’t all that durable might not be the best option for the average rider.

But if you do decide to go for this tire, just to experience what it feels like, you can rest assured that the 320 TPI count will provide both a very smooth and very fast ride, which will hopefully make you forget how much money you spent for that ride.

Specifications best tubular road bike tires

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at Amazon
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx2525-622BlackTanlink
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx2727-622BlackTan
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx2525-622BlackCream
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx2727-622BlackCream
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx3030-622BlackCream
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx2525-622BlackBlacklink
Challenge Strada Pro700Cx3030-622BlackTan
Continental Competition700Cx2525-622245BlackBlacklink
Continental Competition700Cx2222-622230BlackBlacklink
Continental Competition700Cx1919-622195BlackBlacklink
Continental Podium TT700Cx1919-622195BlackBlacklink
Continental Podium TT700Cx2222-622225BlackBlacklink
Continental Podium TT700Cx2525-622275BlackBlacklink
Continental Sprinter Gatorskin700Cx2222-622265BlackBlacklink
Continental Sprinter Gatorskin700Cx2525-622275BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx2525-622290BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx2828-622360BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx2323-622275BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx2323-622275BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx2525-622290BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx2828-622360BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx3030-622375BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa700Cx3030-622375BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622295BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622350BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622295BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622350BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622370BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622370BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2323-622200BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2323-622200BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2525-622205BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Speed700Cx2525-622205BlackTanlink