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The top 6 best road bike tires for wet conditions

In this article I’m going to give you my list for the best road bike tires for wet conditions.

The requirements necessary for riding in less than optimal conditions like rain are very different from those who like riding with the sun high in the sky. A wet road necessitates a tire that’s more grippy for obvious reasons. Especially after a dry period it’s not only the rain itself which makes the road slippery, but also everything that has fallen on the road and disolves because of the rain, like dried up oil.

Also the season which sees more rain than others also are accompanied with trees shedding their leaves and other organic stuff. When combined with rain this can become a dangerous and slippery mix as well on the road you’re riding on.

You also want a tire which is more puncture resistant. Not only is their more crud on the road, the change of it sticking to your tire has also increased. And if there’s one thing nobody likes is to catch a cold because your temperature is dropping needing to repair a flat while being drenched.

So without further ado I present my list for the very best road bike tires for wet conditions.

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

The Continental Grand Prix 4-Season utilizes an extra wire-to-wire layer Continental calls Duraskin.

Each road tire in the Continental lineup uses a puncture resistant breaker for the center tread. The Grand Prix 4-Season uses two, effectively doubling its puncture resistance when compared with the other tires.

And last but not least, the Continental Grand Prix 4-Season uses 3 layers of 110 TPI compound for both durability and longevity, without sacrificing to much in terms of weight, grip and ride feel. Which makes this tire one of the if not the most impressive tire on this list.

It comes in sizes 23, 25, 28 and 32 mm.

Panaracer Race D Evo 4

Panaracer Race D Evo 4
Panaracer Race D Evo 4

The Panaracer Race D Evo 4 is a pretty lightweight folding tire.

It’s the most puncture resistant tire of their race lineup, having a different added compound sitting on the entire surface of the tire.

The Japanese brand always makes high-quality tires with the best characteristics a tire should have. The Panaracer Race D Evo 4 is no exception. Supple, grippy, gorgeous-looking and fast make a very solid combination with the added puncture protection.

The tire is available in both black and tan options with 26 and 28 mm widths.

Pirelli Cinturato

Pirelli Cinturato
Pirelli Cinturato

If you ask me the Pirelli Cinturato’s understated design is one of the best on this list. This tubeless-ready tire is far more robust than the P Zero on this list, going in the direction of a gravel tire.

These tires are truly all-weather condition tires, offering great grip and puncture resistance all through the year. That added protection does mean they will tip the scales at 300 and 340 grams for the 26 and 28 mm versions. So it’s no weight-weenie tire.

Specialized Roubaix Pro

Specialized Roubaix Pro
Specialized Roubaix Pro

The Specialized Roubaix Pro uses a different Endurant casing which can also be found on their gravel tires.

So basically it runs gravel tire protection in a road bike package, trying to combine the best of both worlds in a singular package.

The Roubaix Pro furthermore has Specialized’s standard BlackBelt puncture protection.

Coming in sizes 25 to 32 as a folding tire it’s a tire you can take of the beaten path and into the woods, should you be so inclined.

Vittoria Corsa Control

Vittoria Corsa Control
Vittoria Corsa Control

If you want a bit more puncture protection but still have Vittoria emblazoned on your sidewall, the Vittoria Corsa Control will suit your needs.

It’s obviously heaver than its other namesake, but with it comes extra protection. It has an extra tread inserted into the tire, which adds control and durability for less than optimal road conditions like cobblestones and rougher roads.

It’s also a perfect companion for those who don’t mind riding in wet conditions. So choose this tire over the normal Corsa if rough and wet is what you like.

The Vittoria Corsa Control is also the only tan-wall road bike tire on this list that comes as a tube. So if you have a very premium vintage road bike or a very premium set of modern-day wheels you can take advantage of everything tubes have to offer as well.

Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

Vittoria Rubino Pro Control
Vittoria Rubino Pro Control

The Vittoria Rubino Pro Control is the stiffer, heavier and more puncture protected version of the standard Rubino.

It’s a training tire with bead-to-bead protection besides and enhanced puncture protected layer. It’s nylon casing is meant to withstand the elements of all seasons.

Available in standard sizes 23 to 28 mm as a 60 TPI folding tire.

Specifications best road bike tires for wet conditions

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at Amazon
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx2323-622235BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx2525-622230BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx2828-622295BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx3232-622340BlackBlacklink
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2626-622240BlackTan
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2626-622240BlackBlack
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2828-622260BlackTan
Panaracer Race D Evo 4700Cx2828-622260BlackBlack
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx2424-622280BlackBlack
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx2626-622300BlackTanlink
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx2626-622300BlackBlacklink
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx2828-622340BlackTanlink
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx2828-622340BlackBlacklink
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx3232-622360BlackBlacklink
Pirelli Cinturato700Cx3535-622410BlackBlacklink
Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite700Cx2323-622285BlackBlack
Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite700Cx2525-622315BlackBlack
Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite700Cx2828-622350BlackBlack
Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite700Cx3030-622400BlackBlack
Specialized All Condition Armadillo Elite700Cx3232-622430BlackBlack
Specialized Roubaix Pro700Cx23/2523/25-622260BlackBlack
Specialized Roubaix Pro700Cx25/2825/28-622300BlackBlack
Specialized Roubaix Pro700Cx30/3230/32-622355BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622295BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622295BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622265BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622300BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2525-622265BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622350BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622350BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622315BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622280BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx2828-622280BlackTan
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622370BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622370BlackTanlink
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622320BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622280BlackBlack
Vittoria Corsa Control700Cx3030-622280BlackTan
Vittoria Rubino Pro Control700Cx2323-622290BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Rubino Pro Control700Cx2525-622300BlackBlacklink
Vittoria Rubino Pro Control700Cx2828-622340BlackBlacklink