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The top 5 best budget road bike tires

In this article I’m going to give you my list for the best budget road bike tires.

Ok, so before I can give you the list I have to define budget first for obvious reasons. That’s hard to to because budget means different things for different people. So let’s instead look at what tires are available at what price is definitely considered premium.

So the most expensive tires out there are extremely lightweight, handmade tubular professonal road bike or time trial tires. You will need to pay over a 100 dollars for an individual unit, sometimes way over a hundred. So if that’s the price ceiling would it be fair to say that a tire around 30 dollars can be considered somewhat budget? I would say it is.

So what I’ve tried to do is find the tires around this price mark that will still provide you with excellent value-for-money without sacrificing those characteristics that make high-quality road tires excell. Or at least keep the compromise that naturally comes with a reduction in price to a minimum.

Here what I came up with, my list for the best budget road bike tires.

Continental Gatorskin

Continental Gatorskin
Continental Gatorskin

The Continental Gatorskin is a solid allrounder that will give you a lot of miles in return for a moderate price. This is a cheaper and lighter version than the Gatorskin hardshell.

But for your average training ride you would want to last a tire that’ll last you a long time and doesn’t really weight all that much. There are enough sizes to suit your specific needs, from 23 mm all the way up to 32 mm should you be so inclined.

Besides a strong puncture-sesistant layer, an extre layer has been added bead-to-bead to also prevent damage to the sidewall.

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

Continental Grand Prix 4-Season
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season

The Continental Grand Prix 4-Season utilizes an extra wire-to-wire layer Continental calls Duraskin.

Each road tire in the Continental lineup uses a puncture resistant breaker for the center tread. The Grand Prix 4-Season uses two, effectively doubling its puncture resistance when compared with the other tires.

And last but not least, the Continental Grand Prix 4-Season uses 3 layers of 110 TPI compound for both durability and longevity, without sacrificing to much in terms of weight, grip and ride feel. Which makes this tire one of the if not the most impressive tire on this list.

It comes in sizes 23, 25, 28 and 32 mm.

Schwalbe Durano DD

Schwalbe Durano DD
Schwalbe Durano DD

The Schwalbe Durano DD utilizes the RaceGuard casing, which reinforces the rubber with nylon.

It’s not a light tire by any stretch of the imagination, but it all this added weight does make sure that from a puncture protection standpoint you’re well guarded indeed. In terms of the weight department almost all brands loose from Continental. Schwalbe is traditionally a company that makes tires on the right side of the weight equation. It’s on the reasons I prefer the other German brand over Schwalbe, but some people will swear upon the Schwalbe brand.

In sizes 23 up to 28 and both a folding and wired version.

Schwalbe Lugano II

Schwalbe Lugano II
Schwalbe Lugano II

The Schwalbe Lugano is a sort of budget fit-and-forget tire. Coming in many sizes it’s a no-fancy road tire that’s easy on your wallet.

It’s a tire that forgoes any pure premium characteristic and instead focuses on longevity and many miles on the road. Don’t expect high TPI counts, and ultra-light weight with this tire, that’s not its intended audience.

Schwalbe One

Schwalbe One
Schwalbe One

The Schwalbe One is a middle-of-road tire that’s perfect for you daily training sessions.

Not too expensive, not too light so you run the risk of running flats, not to heavy so you can’t keep up during the climbs.

Many colors and many sizes are available.

Specifications best budget road bike tires

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at Amazon
Continental Gatorskin700Cx2323-622305BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx2323-622230BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx2525-622245BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx2525-622315BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx2828-622360BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx2828-622280BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx3232-622345BlackBlacklink
Continental Gatorskin700Cx3232-622420BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx2323-622235BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx2525-622230BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx2828-622295BlackBlacklink
Continental Grand Prix 4-Season700Cx3232-622340BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Durano DD700Cx2323-622335BlackGraphitelink
Schwalbe Durano DD700Cx2525-622295BlackGraphitelink
Schwalbe Durano DD700Cx2525-622385BlackGraphite
Schwalbe Durano DD700Cx2828-622330BlackGraphitelink
Schwalbe Durano DD700Cx2828-622430BlackGraphite
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2323-622260BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2323-622325BlackBlack
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622365BlackTan
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622280BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622280BlackRed Stripes
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622280BlackBlue Stripes
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622365BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622365BlackRed Stripes
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622365BlackBlue Stripes
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2525-622365BlackWhite Stripes
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2828-622310BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx2828-622400BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Lugano II700Cx3232-622420BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe One700Cx2323-622225BlackBlack
Schwalbe One700Cx2525-622245BlackBlack
Schwalbe One700Cx2525-622245BlackRed Stripes
Schwalbe One700Cx2525-622245BlackBlue Stripes
Schwalbe One700Cx2525-622245BlackWhite Stripes
Schwalbe One700Cx2525-622245BlackTan
Schwalbe One700Cx2828-622265BlackBlack
Schwalbe One700Cx3030-622290BlackBlack
Schwalbe One700Cx3232-622305BlackBlack