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WTB ThickSlick

The WTB ThickSlick urban tyres live up to their claim of being ultra-dependable and sprightly for most types of road riding. Their exceptional puncture resistance, low drag, and overall durability make them a reliable choice. When you’re finally able to get them onto your rims, the performance in diverse conditions, from urban roads to challenging country lanes, showcases their toughness. If you’re looking for a robust urban cycling tire the ThickSlicks will proof to be a suitable and resilient option.

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WTB ThickSlick Review

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Johan van Seijen

February 28, 2023


Ride Quality:
The WTB ThickSlick urban tyres offer a robust and dependable ride quality. Designed for various urban cycling scenarios, including winter training, long distance touring, and weekend rides, these tires impress with their tenacious grip on asphalt. The absence of tread gives them a sleek, round profile, enhancing stability. However, on harsher terrain with potholes, the ride quality tends to be harsher, likely attributed to the Kevlar banding.

Rolling Resistance:
Though definitely not the lightest tire out there, the slick profile offers a relatively low drag, making them efficient in various cycling situations. They perform well when sprinting, turning sharply, or cruising at high speeds through urban and suburban landscapes.

Puncture Resistance:
Phenomenal puncture resistance is a standout feature of the ThickSlick tyres. The heavy casings, infused with crushed Kevlar strips and a ‘dura layer’ protecting sidewalls, ensure durability. After a couple hundred miles ridden in various conditions it’s clear the outer casing has taken a beating, with small cuts visible. However, so far this has not resulted in a flat.

Ease of Installation:
I needed 3 tire levers to be able to lift the tire bead over the rim. To say these tires have a tight fit is an understatement. I don’t see this as a big issue per se, but I can imagine it becomes another thing when you need to fix a flat during a ride. So be sure to have enough tire levers with you, or have really strong hands. And take extra care you’re using plastic tire levers.

The ThickSlick comes in many sizes and wheel diameters, from 26 up to 29 inch, and everything in between. Prices vary but hover around 30 dollars. That’s not cheap, but okay for a mid-tier urban tire like this.

WTB ThickSlick Specifications

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