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Vittoria Corsa

The Vittoria Corsa G2.0 is a commendable evolution of its predecessor. It stands out with its fast, supple, and grippy performance, making it suitable for both racing and general riding. The improved wet weather grip and durability contribute to its overall appeal. While the tan sidewalls may stain, it’s a minor drawback considering the overall performance and value these tyres offer. Cyclists seeking a versatile and high-performing tyre at a reasonable price should seriously consider the Vittoria Corsa G2.0.

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Vittoria Corsa Review

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Johan van Seijen

April 12, 2022


The Vittoria Corsa G2.0 tires excel in cornering, offering a refined and supple feel. The soft sidewalls and compound provide excellent traction, ensuring a planted and surefooted experience even in challenging conditions. Whether navigating tight corners in a race or descending unfamiliar mountain roads, I felt the tires demonstrated impressive cornering grip.

Pedal Traction:
The graphene-infused compound contributes to reduced rolling resistance, translating into efficient pedal traction. The tires maintain speed exceptionally well in a straight line, and the 320TPI core spun cotton casing enhances the overall feel, making them suitable for fast riding conditions. The supple nature of the tire ensures a responsive connection with the pedals.

Braking Traction:
Braking traction is notably improved, especially in wet conditions. The Corsa G2.0 performs admirably in both wet and dry weather, providing me with confidence-inspiring braking performance. The grip on offer adds a layer of safety, making them suitable for diverse riding conditions.

Rolling Resistance:
The Vittoria Corsa G2.0 boasts impressive stats in terms of rolling resistance, with claims of ‘40% reduced rolling resistance.’ The tires live up to these expectations, delivering a fast and efficient ride. While not as fast as the Corsa Speeds, they are more than suitable for high-speed riding, and the improved wear rate adds to the overall value.

Ease of Installation:
Mounting them as clinchers is a straightforward process, and their supple nature allows for easy installation without the need for levers. The simplicity of installation adds to the overall user experience, making these tires accessible to a wide range of cyclists. If you’ve done it before the tubular version is just as easy to install as well, especially when using tubular tape.

Vittoria Corsa Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire bead
700C700Cx2323-622245BlackTanCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx2323-622275BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx2323-622275BlackTanCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx2323-622245BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx2525-622290BlackTanCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx2525-622255BlackTanCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx2525-622290BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx2525-622290BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Belttlr
700C700Cx2525-622255BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx2828-622360BlackTanCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx2828-622360BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx2828-622310BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Belttlr
700C700Cx2828-622270BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx2828-622270BlackTanCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx3030-622375BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx3030-622375BlackTanCorespun KProtection Belttubular
700C700Cx3030-622275BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx3030-622275BlackTanCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx3232-622290BlackBlackCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable
700C700Cx3232-622290BlackTanCorespun KProtection Beltfoldable