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Vittoria Corsa Control

In conclusion, the Vittoria Corsa Control TLR G2.0 stands out as a top choice for those seeking a fast wet-weather tire with a luxurious ride feel. Its tubeless setup is hassle-free, and the tire’s performance on wet roads instills confidence. The robust compound, coupled with a thicker tread and ‘K-reinforced’ casing, enhances durability and puncture resistance. While not the lightest, the Corsa Control TLR G2.0 delivers a comfortable and reliable riding experience, making it a recommended option for riders prioritizing wet weather performance and puncture protection.

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Vittoria Corsa Control Review

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Johan van Seijen

March 27, 2020


The Vittoria Corsa Control G2.0 offers a plush and comfortable ride, particularly excelling in wet conditions. The supple 320tpi casing contributes to a smooth and enjoyable riding experience. The thicker tread and ‘K-reinforced’ casing enhance the tire’s ability to absorb road imperfections, providing a comfortable ride even on rough surfaces.

Rolling Resistance:
While not the lightest tubeless option, the one I used weighed in at 323g, the Corsa Control G2.0 strikes a balance between speed and durability. The 4C Graphene compound, with some minor tweaks, maintains good rolling resistance, ensuring efficiency on faster rides. The trade-off for a slightly slower feel is justified by the increased mileage and added puncture protection.

Puncture Resistance:
The Corsa Control G2.0 incorporates a thicker tread and a ‘K-reinforced’ casing, enhancing its puncture resistance. Impressively, I saw no cuts on the tires despite challenging road conditions. The tire’s robust compound and design contribute to its reliability in preventing punctures, making it a suitable choice for varied riding environments.

Ease of Installation:
Setting up the Corsa Control TLR G2.0 tubeless is a straightforward process. The tires, although initially flat-packed, are easy to install with an inner tube for shaping before transitioning to a tubeless setup. The tires seated effortlessly with just a track pump. This ease of installation adds to the overall convenience for riders.

Priced at around $80 per tire, the Corsa Control TLR G2.0 sits in a competitive range. While not the most affordable option, it offers value for its performance in wet conditions, plush ride quality, and enhanced puncture resistance. Comparable to other high-quality tubeless options, the Corsa Control TLR G2.0 justifies its cost through its features.

Vittoria Corsa Control Specifications

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