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Schwalbe Rocket Ron

The Schwalbe Rocket Ron has undergone significant improvements with the introduction of the Super Ground casing and the new Addix Speed compound. Its versatility shines through, making it suitable for a range of conditions from hard ground to softer trails. With enhanced durability, lower rolling resistance, and improved grip, the Rocket Ron is a commendable choice for cross-country riders seeking a fast-rolling and reliable tire. While it may not be the most aggressive tire for extreme conditions, its all-round performance, ease of installation, and reasonable pricing make it a valuable addition to any XC or marathon rider’s arsenal.

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Schwalbe Rocket Ron Review

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Johan van Seijen

April 13, 2023


The Rocket Ron, a staple in Schwalbe’s cross-country tire range, maintains a versatile tread pattern suitable for various conditions. The evenly spread small rectangle blocks with wider-spaced shoulder blocks contribute to confident cornering performance. However, it could benefit from more aggressive shoulder knobs for enhanced grip in extreme leans.

Pedal Traction:
Equipped with the Super Ground casing and SpeedGrip rubber compound, the Rocket Ron excels in pedal traction. The slow-rebounding rubber provides a secure stance during acceleration, especially on rooty climbs and rocky terrains. The tire’s ability to perform well at lower pressures enhances grip and comfort.

Braking Traction:
The Rocket Ron delivers excellent braking traction, thanks to its proven tread pattern. The small rectangle blocks, along with the centerline cluster, contribute to effective straight-line rolling speed and reliable braking performance. The wider-spaced shoulder blocks engage confidently during hard braking into corners.

Rolling Resistance:
Known for being one of Schwalbe’s lightest and quickest XC tires, the Rocket Ron lives up to its reputation. The combination of the Super Ground casing and SpeedGrip rubber compound ensures low rolling resistance, providing a zippy and quick feeling on the trail. It’s a great choice for riders aiming to reduce weight on their cross-country bikes.

Ease of Installation:
The Rocket Ron, equipped with Snakeskin casing and Tubeless Easy (TLE) technology, ensures a hassle-free tubeless setup. The tire is easy to install and inflate, making it a convenient choice for riders seeking a user-friendly experience. The gummy and supple bead creates a tight lock, minimizing the risk of leaks.

While the Rocket Ron may not be the cheapest option, its overall performance justifies the cost. The tire’s durability, rolling efficiency, and grip enhancements with the new Addix compound contribute to its value. Riders looking for a high-quality, all-rounder tire will find the Rocket Ron worth the investment.

Schwalbe Rocket Ron Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire bead
2626×2.2557-559585BlackBlackADDIX SpeedSuper Groundtlr
2626×2.3560-559640BlackBlackADDIX SpeedSuper Racetlr
27.527.5×2.1054-584560BlackBlackADDIX SpeedSuper Groundtlr
27.527.5×2.2557-584600BlackBlackADDIX SpeedSuper Racetlr
27.527.5×2.2557-584600BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGripSuper Groundtlr
27.527.5×2.6065-584770BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGripSuper Groundtlr
27.527.5×2.8070-584820BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGripSuper Groundtlr
2929×2.1054-622595BlackBlackADDIX SpeedSuper Racetlr
2929×2.1054-622595BlackBlackADDIX SpeedSuper Groundtlr
2929×2.2557-622630BlackBlackADDIX Speedtlr
2929×2.2557-622645BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr