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Schwalbe Nobby Nic

The Schwalbe Nobby Nic EVO Super Trail Addix Soft is a versatile and capable trail tire. Its strengths lie in pedal traction and overall performance in various terrains. While not the best for aggressive cornering, it excels in providing a steady and confident ride. The tire’s well-balanced attributes, combined with a reasonable price, make it a suitable choice for riders covering diverse trails and seeking a lightweight yet durable option.

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Schwalbe Nobby Nic Review

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Johan van Seijen

August 10, 2023


The Nobby Nic’s updated tread pattern, with a mix of narrow and wide lugs, provides decent cornering performance. The blocks deform well over terrain, enhancing grip. However, due to its rounded shape, it’s less planted on the crown, making it better for continuous steady grip rather than aggressive cornering.

Pedal Traction:
Impressively versatile, the Nobby Nic offers excellent pedal traction. The Addix Soft compound grips well on various surfaces, ensuring a confident and steady ride even in challenging terrains.

Braking Traction:
The tire performs well in braking, thanks to its well-designed tread. The blocks and sipes contribute to effective braking traction, providing control on descents and technical sections.

Rolling Resistance:
Known for its rapid rolling speed, the Nobby Nic lives up to its reputation. The Super Trail casing, while slightly springier than some, doesn’t compromise much on rolling speed. The Addix Soft compound ensures lively and fast-rolling performance.

Ease of Installation:
Available in both Super Ground and Super Trail casings, the Super Trail version, incorporating Snakeskin and Apex sidewall reinforcement, ensures easy installation. The tire’s rounded shape and supportive sidewalls make it manageable during setup.

The Nobby Nic comes at a competitive price, offering a lightweight option without sacrificing performance. The Super Trail casing, while adding a bit to the cost, provides additional protection for aggressive riding.

Schwalbe Nobby Nic Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingTire bead
2626×2.2557-559720BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2626×2.2557-559720BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2626×2.3560-559810BlackBronzeADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2626×2.4062-559775BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2626×2.4062-559775BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
27.527.5×2.2557-584753BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
27.527.5×2.4062-584812BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
27.527.5×2.4062-584920BlackBronzeADDIX Softtlr
27.527.5×2.4062-584920BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
27.527.5×2.4062-584812BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
27.527.5×2.6066-5841020BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
27.527.5×2.8070-5841120BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2929×2.2557-622810BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2929×2.4062-622980BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2929×2.4062-622850BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2929×2.4062-622850BlackBronzeADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2929×2.4062-622850BlackTransparentADDIX SpeedGriptlr
2929×2.4062-622980BlackBlackADDIX Softtlr
2929×2.4062-622850BlackBlackADDIX Softtlr
2929×2.6065-6221080BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGriptlr