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Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB

Whether used for bikepacking, extended bike trips, or daily commuting, the Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB tires prove to be a dependable choice. The top-notch puncture resistance, durability, and ability to handle various surfaces make them extremely well-suited for adventurous journeys. While not the fastest rolling tires, they strike a balance between reliability and performance. My 10/10 ratings for protection and durability should resonate with everyone who hates flats as much as I do. If you even remotely prioritizes puncture resistance and durability over sheer speed the Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB will not disappoint, because they are a trustworthy companion on any type of journey.

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Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB Review

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Johan van Seijen

May 27, 2023


Ride Quality:
The Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB tires deliver a comfortable and reliable ride, particularly suited for varied terrain encountered during a world tour by bike. The softness under the central ridge enhances comfort, making them well-suited for long-distance rides. The plush ride feel on rough surfaces, such as gravel roads, adds to the overall ride quality.

Rolling Resistance:
Nothing about these tires was meant to aid rolling resistance, except maybe the small knobbed center tread profile, and that’s something you’ll notice when compared to lighter options out there. Personally, I prefer much lighter tires for short rides. The 5mm thick puncture guard contributes to the resistance but ensures excellent protection against common puncture hazards like glass, metal objects, and sharp stones. The trade-off for puncture resistance might result in slightly slower rolling on paved roads.

Puncture Resistance:
That being said, the standout feature of the Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB tires is their exceptional puncture resistance. The SmartGuard technology, with a 5mm elastic rubber layer, provides a robust shield against various road hazards. The Marathon series has always been the go-to choice for allround reliability and puncture resistance. The Marathon Plus MTB take that to the next level. Its maximum 10/10 rating for protection as provided by Schwalbe aligns with real-world experiences, as evidenced by a 6,000 km journey with zero flat tires.

I never skimp on tires, feeling they are an incredible component which aids in the overall ride experience. At $50 the Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB tires can be considered a somewhat premium option. Whether or not that fits your budget is of course up to you, but you can expect thousands of worry-free miles from these tires, and that has got to be worth something as well.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB Specifications

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