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Schwalbe G-One Speed

The Schwalbe G-One Speed tires are lauded for their fast and comfortable performance on roads and gravel. They prove to be durable with no flats or visible damage to the sidewall or tread. However, the delicate casing and limited traction in certain conditions, coupled with a higher price point, may influence your purchasing decision. The tires are recommended for those seeking a pavement-friendly option for cross or gravel bikes in various conditions, with the caveat that potential buyers should be prepared for a somewhat challenging installation process.

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Schwalbe G-One Speed Review

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Johan van Seijen

February 6, 2022


The G-One Speed tires offer a mixed performance when it comes to cornering. While I found they offered excellent ride quality on both road and gravel, providing a level of stability and confidence in corners, they were way too slippery for anything but gravel riding. So I feel there’s a definite trade-off in cornering grip. This might be related to the tires’ round profile and lack of larger side lugs, which contributed to uncertainty in traction during aggressive cornering.

Braking Traction:
The G-One Speed tires exhibit minimal braking bite and vague cornering on loose dirt and gravel. So don’t expect trail-like stopping power, particularly in challenging off-road conditions. The tread pattern, with small, round knobs, prioritizes low rolling resistance over aggressive braking performance.

Rolling Resistance:
The G-One Speed tires excel in rolling resistance, providing a fast and exhilarating ride experience. The small, round knobs and supple casing contribute to low drag, making them well-suited for smooth roads and hard-packed dirt. I feel the tires are definitely at the top end in delivering a quick and comfortable ride, with a strong emphasis on efficiency and speed.

Ease of Installation:
The installation of the G-One Speed tires is described as somewhat challenging in one review. The tires were difficult to mount on 25mm wide carbon rims, and fully mounting them proved to be a bit of an ordeal.

I was able to obtain a pair of G Ones for the not insignificant amount of $150. That’s not exactly a non-trivial amount of money to have spent on these tires if you ask me. Of course, the specific pricing may vary based on sales and sources, but there’s no mistaking the premium price of these tires. Too expensive for my taste.

Schwalbe G-One Speed Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire bead
2929×2.3560-622560BlackBlackADDIX SpeedGripSuper Groundtlr