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Schwalbe Durano Plus

The Schwalbe Durano Plus is not the lightest tire on the market, weighing in at 427g, but its added weight serves a purpose – enhanced puncture protection. It strikes a balance between low rolling resistance, good grip, and durability, making it an excellent choice for winter rides and beyond. Despite the relatively higher price, the tire’s overall performance, especially in puncture prevention, makes it a valuable investment for riders prioritizing reliability and peace of mind.

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Schwalbe Durano Plus Review

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Johan van Seijen

January 18, 2021


I recently tested the Schwalbe Durano Plus, intrigued by its claim to combine low rolling resistance, excellent grip, hard-wearing rubber, and puncture resistance in a relatively lightweight tire. Here’s my breakdown of its performance across different aspects:

Ride Quality:
The Durano Plus noticeably transformed the feel of my bike from the moment I started riding. It provided an excellent grip while maintaining a swift and smooth roll. The more I rode, the more confidence I gained in its grip, making it a significant upgrade to the overall ride quality.

Rolling Resistance:
Schwalbe markets the Durano Plus as a tire with low rolling resistance, and it lived up to this claim. Once up to speed, it competes well with other tires in its category, and its efficiency is evident in various riding conditions.

Puncture Resistance:
The key feature of the Durano Plus is its puncture resistance, and in my tests, it proved effective. Despite riding through debris-strewn city streets and even some gravel trails, I did not experience a single puncture. The SmartGuard puncture protection strip seemed to do its job, preventing small shards from penetrating the tire.

Ease of Installation:
Fitting the Durano Plus on my wheels was straightforward. However, it’s worth noting that one of the tires I received had some issues with blisters and delamination upon inflation. Schwalbe promptly replaced it under warranty, highlighting their commitment to customer satisfaction.

At $52.50, the Durano Plus is positioned as one of the more expensive winter tires. However, it competes with other high-end options like the Challenge Elite ($55) and Pirelli Cinturato Velo ($80). While it might be on the higher side, its performance justifies the investment, particularly if puncture protection is a top priority.

Schwalbe Durano Plus Specifications

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