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Panaracer GravelKing SK (TLC)

The Panaracer GravelKing SK TLC caters to a specific niche of riders seeking a fast-rolling tire for smooth gravel and well-maintained roads. Its recognizable tread pattern and tubeless compatibility add to its appeal. While excelling in certain conditions, its limitations in wet and muddy terrain might steer riders toward more versatile options. Considering its ease of installation, rolling efficiency, and competitive pricing, the GravelKing SK TLC remains a viable choice for those with a clear understanding of their preferred riding surfaces.

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Panaracer GravelKing SK (TLC) Review

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Johan van Seijen

November 12, 2022


The GravelKing SK TLC, known for its distinctive square-dot tread pattern, offers a recognizable design. While it excels on smooth gravel roads and dry hardpack, it falters in wet conditions and muddy terrain. The non-directional, low-profile tread with a grid of square dots struggles for grip in slippery situations, affecting cornering confidence. For well-surfaced fire roads and tarmac, it remains a decent choice.

Pedal Traction:
With a tubeless setup, the 38mm GravelKing SK TLC tires provide a nippy sensation on the road, demonstrating little drag from the low-profile tread. The ZSG Natural Compound contributes to good grip on various surfaces, especially on smooth gravel roads. However, in challenging conditions like muddy clay puddles, there’s a risk of wheelspin on steep climbs, affecting overall pedal traction.

Braking Traction:
The tire’s tread pattern, comprising small square knobs and a wider-spaced arrangement on the shoulder, offers decent braking traction on dry and hard surfaces. However, it falls short in wet conditions, leading to less effective braking and increased susceptibility to sliding. The compromise between grip and rolling resistance leans more towards the latter.

Rolling Resistance:
The GravelKing SK TLC lives up to its reputation as a fast-rolling tire on smooth surfaces. The combination of a low-profile tread pattern and the ZSG Natural Compound ensures a zippy and quick feeling. On tarmac, the tire rolls well with minimal noise, making it suitable for riders prioritizing speed and efficiency on well-maintained roads.

Ease of Installation:
The tubeless setup of the GravelKing SK TLC proves hassle-free, inflating easily on 23mm internal rims. The installation process is straightforward, and the tire retains air pressure well, requiring minimal topping up. The tubeless compatibility enhances the overall riding experience, reducing the risk of flats and allowing for lower pressures on off-road terrain.

Positioned as a “road plus” or gravel tire, the GravelKing SK TLC offers a good balance of performance on well-surfaced fire roads and tarmac. However, its limitations in grip and puncture protection become apparent in more variable conditions. The pricing is relatively competitive, making it a reasonable option for riders with specific terrain preferences.

Panaracer GravelKing SK (TLC) Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire beadTPI
650B27.5×1.7543-584450BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
650B27.5×1.7543-584450BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
650B27.5×1.9048-584540BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
650B27.5×1.9048-584540BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
27.527.5×2.1052-584620BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
27.527.5×2.1054-584620BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx3232-622320BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx3232-622320BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx3535-622380BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx3535-622380BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx3838-622430BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx3838-622430BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx4343-622480BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx4343-622480BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx5050-622570BlackBlackZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126
700C700Cx5050-622570BlackTanZSG NaturalAX-Alpha / ProTite Shield Plustlr126