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Maxxis Pace

The Maxxis Pace stands out as a solid and predictable performer in cross-country race settings. It excels in dry conditions, providing excellent pedal traction and minimal rolling resistance. While its weaknesses in wet and mixed conditions are apparent, the tire remains stable at lower pressures, thanks to the EXO reinforcement. The Pace is a superb choice for race-day scenarios, particularly on hardpack and dry terrains, offering a combination of speed and reliability.

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Maxxis Pace Review

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Johan van Seijen

July 31, 2023


The Maxxis Pace challenges the trend of wider and grippier tires, presenting itself as a fast option for cross-country riding. The tire features continuous side knobs designed to provide extra grip in corners. On dry, hard-packed trails, the Pace performs admirably, offering stability and cornering grip. However, its performance weakens on wet rocks or in muddy conditions, and it shows limitations on mixed terrain, especially when used on the front where it’s best described as “death or glory.” The square-shouldered tread can make it feel squirmy and less stable during hard cornering.

Pedal Traction:
The Pace excels in pedal traction, particularly on dry and hard-packed surfaces. The high-volume, low-profile tread design minimizes rolling resistance while maintaining consistent traction. It performs brilliantly on fire roads and tarmac, making it suitable for high-mileage missions in dry conditions.

Braking Traction:
The tire demonstrates good braking traction, especially on dry and dusty trails. It offers reliable stopping power without compromising speed. However, I felt its performance suffered in wet conditions, and I faced challenges in shedding mud effectively due to tightly spaced blocks.

Rolling Resistance:
Designed for minimal rolling resistance, the Pace lives up to this expectation. The shallow micro-knobs and ramped center treads contribute to its fast-rolling nature. It performs exceptionally well on straight lines, providing an efficient and speedy ride. However, the narrow 2.0-inch width and square-shouldered tread can give a squirmy, noodley feel during hard cornering.

Ease of Installation:
The Maxxis Pace is relatively easy to install, especially considering its tubeless-ready design. The tire seats well on rims, and the installation process is straightforward, contributing to a hassle-free setup.

Priced at $65, the Maxxis Pace offers a reasonable cost for its performance in race-oriented conditions. The tire’s EXO reinforcement adds value by enhancing stability and durability, making it a justifiable investment for those seeking high-quality cross-country tires.

Maxxis Pace Specifications

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