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Maxxis Minion DHR II

$ 50,00

The Maxxis Minion DHR II lives up to its reputation as an excellent rear tire for aggressive trail riding. Its cornering prowess, pedal and braking traction, manageable rolling resistance, ease of installation, and premium build justify its popularity among mountain bikers. While it may not be the cheapest option, its performance makes it a valuable addition to any trail bike setup.

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Maxxis Minion DHR II Review

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Johan van Seijen

February 27, 2023


I recently had the opportunity to test the Maxxis Minion DHR II, and overall, it left a strong impression on me. Here’s a brief review covering key aspects:

The Minion DHR II’s cornering capabilities are truly impressive. The tall and stout side knobs, reminiscent of its Minion predecessors, deliver outstanding grip when leaning into turns. The round-ish profile ensures a seamless transition when shifting from center to side knobs, providing a confident and predictable feel. The supportive sidewalls add to the tire’s stability during aggressive cornering, even at lower pressures.

Pedal Traction:
Designed primarily as a rear tire, the DHR II excels in providing ample pedaling traction. The large, widely spaced center tread with paddle-shaped knobs offers a strong bite, especially on hard dirt and smooth rock. The 3C MAXX TERRA rubber compound enhances traction on various surfaces, making it a reliable choice for demanding climbs.

Braking Traction:
The braking traction of the Minion DHR II is exceptional. The large, widely spaced center tread knobs, with their paddle-like design and a soft rubber compound, effectively dig into surfaces, ensuring reliable stopping power. Whether on loose and sandy terrain or hard-packed dirt, this tire inspires confidence in its braking performance.

Rolling Resistance:
Considering its aggressive tread, the Minion DHR II surprisingly manages rolling resistance quite well. On paved and hard surfaces, it rolls relatively quietly, and the ramped front edges of the center tread knobs contribute to efficient movement on the trail. While there are faster rolling tires available, the DHR II strikes a good balance between traction and rolling efficiency.

Ease of Installation:
Installing the Minion DHR II is reasonably straightforward. While it may not be the easiest in the test, it can be mounted mostly by hand, with a tire lever needed for the final bead. Seating the bead is easily accomplished with a floor pump, making it manageable for home tire swaps.

The Maxxis Minion DHR II is priced at a premium, but its performance justifies the cost. For those seeking a rear tire for aggressive trail riding, the combination of traction, cornering confidence, and durability makes it a worthwhile investment.

Maxxis Minion DHR II Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire beadTPI
2626×2.3058-559755BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
2626×2.4061-5591,225BlackBlackSuper Tackytlr60
2626×2.4061-5591,265BlackBlack3C MaxxGriptlr60
2626×2.40WT61-5591265BlackBlack3C MaxxGripwired60
2626×2.40WT61-5591225BlackBlackSuper TackyDHwired60
2626×2.40WT61-559865BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
27.527.5×2.3058-584805BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
27.527.5×2.3058-5841005BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraDDtlr120
27.527.5×2.4061-5841190BlackBlack3C MaxxGripDHtlr60
27.527.5×2.4061-585934BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
27.527.5×2.4061-5871126BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXO+tlr60
27.527.5×2.4061-587945BlackBlack3C MaxxGripDDtlr120
27.527.5×2.6066-584910BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXO+tlr60
27.527.5×2.6066-5841065BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
27.527.5×2.8071-5841196BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXO+tlr
27.527.5×2.8071-5841081BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr
2929×2.3058-622825BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
2929×2.3058-6221040BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraDDtlr120
2929×2.40WT61-6221101BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXO+tlr60
2929×2.40WT61-6221056BlackBlack3C MaxxGripEXOtlr60
2929×2.40WT61-6221379BlackBlack3C MaxxGripDHtlr60
2929×2.40WT61-622955BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr60
2929×2.40WT61-6221267BlackBlack3C MaxxGripDDtlr120
2929×2.40WT61-6221236BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraDDtlr120
2929×2.6066-6221035BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXO+tlr60
2929×2.6066-622950BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr120
2929×2.6066-6221110BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr120
2929×3.0076-6221286BlackBlack3C MaxxTerraEXOtlr120