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Maxxis Ikon

$ 80,00

The Maxxis Ikon, especially in the 3C with EXO configuration, stands out as a versatile and high-performing tire. Its cornering prowess, pedal traction, and minimal rolling resistance make it an ideal choice for XC racers seeking a tire that excels in both climbs and descents. The ease of installation and competitive pricing add to its overall appeal. While not without limitations in extreme conditions, the Ikon proves to be a reliable and well-rounded option for riders who prioritize a blend of speed and control.

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Maxxis Ikon Review

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Johan van Seijen

September 21, 2021


The trail I most often use is the Schoorlse duinen, a mixture of steep, technical climbs, flowy single-track, and sandy stretches. It’s the ideal place to test XC and trail tires. Normally Maxxis is not well-represented here (in the Netherlands), with Schwalbe Racing Ray and Racing Ralphs being the favorite tires.

Personally I’ve been running a Racing Ralph in the rear, and a tad wider Schwalbe Nobby Nic in the front as the go-to downcountry solution. But I wanted to have a taste of the American brand and mounted a dual Maxxis Ikon 29×2.35 setup, so I would be able to feel how the tires would respond both as a front and rear tire. Here’s what I found.

The Ikon’s cornering ability is a standout feature, thanks to Maxxis’s 3C technology. The longer-lasting rubber in the center provides stability during straight rides, while grippier rubber on the cornering knobs enhances confidence in turns. The spaced-apart knobs offer good bite, allowing for an enjoyable and secure experience in both wet and dry conditions.

Pedal Traction
The pedal traction of the Ikon is commendable. The tire’s design, especially the well-placed knobs, ensures efficient power transfer during climbs. The high volume and width contribute to a comfortable ride, absorbing trail imperfections and maintaining traction on various terrains.

Braking Traction
The Ikon’s braking traction is reliable, thanks to its well-thought-out tread pattern. The spaced and strategically placed knobs contribute to effective braking, instilling confidence on descents. However, in muddy conditions, there might be a slight reduction in performance, but it remains competitive for a tire of this category.

Rolling Resistance
True to its description as a fast-roller, the Ikon impresses with minimal rolling resistance. The tread pattern and the 3C compound contribute to a smooth ride on both roads and trails. The tire’s ability to maintain high speeds on various surfaces is noteworthy, making it an excellent choice for those who value speed.

Ease of Installation
Installing the Ikon is a straightforward process. The foldable bead is easy to pop onto the wheels, and the directional tread provides clear guidance for proper alignment. Adding a bit more sealant than usual is recommended for optimal performance. Overall, a user-friendly installation process.

The Ikon, particularly the 3C with EXO version, comes at a price that reflects its quality and performance. While it may not be the most budget-friendly option in its category, the tire justifies its cost through durability, versatility, and an excellent balance of features.

Maxxis Ikon Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire beadTPIMax Psi
2626×2.2055-559657BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr120
2626×2.3560-559742BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr120
27.527.5×2.2056-584590BlackLight TanDualEXOtlr
27.527.5×2.2056-584630BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr
27.527.5×2.3560-584700BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr
2929×2.0050-662658BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr12060
2929×2.2057-662724BlackDark TanDualEXOtlr6065
2929×2.2057-662685BlackLight Tan3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr6060
2929×2.2057-662690BlackLight TanDualEXOtlr6060
2929×2.2057-662759BlackTan3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr6060
2929×2.2057-662735BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr6060
2929×2.3560-622830BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr12060
2929×2.6066-622830BlackBlack3C MaxxSpeedEXOtlr12040