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Kenda Regolith Pro

In conclusion, the Kenda Regolith Pro is a durable and capable trail tire suitable for a range of conditions. Its strengths lie in stability, durability, and versatility, making it a solid choice for general trail riding. However, riders seeking specialized performance for XC races or demanding enduro terrains might explore alternatives. The Regolith’s reasonable price, along with its ability to handle various disciplines adequately, makes it a compelling option for riders seeking a reliable all-around tire.

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Kenda Regolith Pro Review

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Johan van Seijen

September 6, 2020


The Kenda Regolith Pro impressed with its stable cornering capabilities, thanks to transition and cornering knobs connected for increased stability. However, its performance in wet conditions left room for improvement, with a noticeable lack of grip reported during a rainy race week. While it excelled as an all-around trail tire, it didn’t quite transcend disciplines, and users might opt for more specialized options for XC or enduro races.

Pedal Traction:
The tire’s widely spaced knobs efficiently shed debris, maintaining traction in various terrains. However, the low and hard nature of the knobs, especially in wet conditions, led to some drag. Despite this, the tire performed well in dry and loamy conditions, providing a balanced experience for pedal traction.

Braking Traction:
The Regolith showcased good braking traction, with the spaced-out, ramped, and wiped tread pattern contributing to a predictable braking performance. The tire’s ability to shed debris quickly allowed for reliable braking, contributing to rider confidence in various trail conditions.

Rolling Resistance:
While the tire’s rolling resistance was not the lowest, it offered a respectable balance between efficiency and grip. The tread pattern, with a softer shoulder and harder center, contributed to better wear life compared to some alternatives. The tire didn’t revolutionize cornering or climbing but provided a satisfactory, predictable ride.

Ease of Installation:
The Regolith was reported to have a snug fit on rims, inflating smoothly without the need for levers. The tire’s casing technology options, such as SCT and EMC, offered riders choices based on preferences for weight, volume, and overall ride feel. However, the slightly wooden feel of the EMC version and its tendency to require higher pressure might affect user experience.

The Regolith is positioned as a reasonably priced, all-around trail tire. The availability of different casing options, each with its characteristics, provides users with choices that cater to their priorities, making it a competitive option in its price range.

Kenda Regolith Pro Specifications

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