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Continental Trail King ProTection

The Continental Trail King ProTection Apex emerges as a surprisingly well-rounded tire, demonstrating competence in cornering, pedal traction, and braking traction. Its fast-rolling nature and ease of installation add to its appeal, making it suitable for a range of riding conditions. While it may not outshine specialized tires in specific niches, the Trail King’s versatility positions it as a dependable choice for riders seeking a tire that can handle diverse terrains with confidence.

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Continental Trail King ProTection Review

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Johan van Seijen

March 11, 2023


The Continental Trail King ProTection Apex surprises with its cornering capabilities, outperforming expectations given its low-profile appearance. While not as aggressive as some competitors, the tire’s shoulder knobs provide a smooth and relatively confidence-inspiring transition when leaning into corners. The tire’s performance holds up well in various conditions, offering predictability and stability. It may lack the edgy feel of more aggressive tires, but it excels as a serviceable option for less aggressive riders in dry locations.

Pedal Traction:
The Trail King delivers better-than-expected pedal traction, proving to be a fast-rolling tire with efficient handling on moderate terrain. Even on steeper pitches, the tire engages quickly and maintains traction, showcasing a commendable performance for its category. While it may not match the bite of more aggressive options, its combination of speed and traction makes it a reliable choice for various riding scenarios.

Braking Traction:
Braking traction on the Trail King is decent, especially on hardpack, rock, and loam. The tire’s low-profile knobs surprisingly provide good braking bite, enhancing its performance in stopping on different surfaces. However, challenges arise on wet roots and rocks, where the tire tends to lose traction. Deliberate and controlled braking is essential in such conditions, and while not the best in wet scenarios, the Trail King manages reasonably well in other situations.

Rolling Resistance:
The Trail King stands out as a fast-rolling tire, offering impressive efficiency on fire roads and hardpack. Its ability to maintain speed without excessive drag makes it suitable for riders seeking a balance between rolling resistance and grip. While not designed for extreme terrain, the tire’s excellent rolling speed is an asset for those focused on smoother sections of the trail.

Ease of Installation:
Installing the Trail King is a breeze, with the tire easily seating on test rims without requiring extra effort. The Tubeless Compatible System (TCS) and the ProTection Apex casing contribute to a hassle-free installation process. The tire’s compatibility with tubeless setups enhances its appeal, allowing riders to set it up with minimal fuss.

The Trail King’s price falls within a reasonable range, offering good value for riders seeking a versatile and well-rounded tire. While it may not be the absolute standout in every category, its solid performance across various metrics makes it a justifiable investment for those prioritizing adaptability and reliability.

Continental Trail King ProTection Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire beadTPI
2626×2.2055-559735BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
2626×2.4060-559875BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
27.527.5×2.2055-584775BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
27.527.5×2.4060-584915BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
27.527.5×2.6065-584955BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
27.527.5×2.8070-5841015BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
2929×2.2060-622820BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180
2929×2.4060-622970BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection Apex casingtlr3/180