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Continental Mountain King ProTection

The Continental Mountain King ProTection tire emerges as a serviceable option, particularly well-suited for the rear wheel in cross-country and light trail scenarios. While its rolling speed stands out as a positive attribute, shortcomings in cornering, pedal traction on steep sections, and braking traction, especially in wet conditions, might make riders consider other alternatives. The tire’s ease of installation adds convenience, but potential buyers should carefully assess their riding preferences and local trail conditions before opting for the Mountain King, considering its strengths and limitations.

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Continental Mountain King ProTection Review

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Johan van Seijen

April 23, 2021


The Continental Mountain King ProTection tire presents itself as a reliable option for cross-country and light trail enthusiasts, particularly excelling as a rear tire. However, when it comes to cornering, it falls short of delivering an exceptional performance. The low-profile shoulder knobs contribute to a somewhat vague and unpredictable feel during turns. While it manages decently on hardpack and loamy surfaces, introducing moisture makes it challenging to control, especially in wet conditions where it struggles with roots. The tire could find a niche as a serviceable rear option for those who enjoy a more drifty style of cornering.

Pedal Traction:
In terms of pedal traction, the Mountain King proves to be efficient when tackling moderate terrains such as singletrack or fire roads. However, challenges arise on steeper sections where attention to weight distribution becomes crucial. The tire demands a thoughtful approach, and failure to distribute weight adequately may result in spins and energy loss. Negotiating slick rocks and roots requires precision, as aggressive pedaling or an improper weight distribution easily leads to rear wheel spin.

Braking Traction:
Braking traction is another aspect where the Mountain King falls into the category of mediocrity. While it performs relatively better on hardpack and rock surfaces, its braking bite is not particularly impressive. The shorter tread blocks contribute to a lack of sufficient bite, especially on looser or damp trails. The tire tends to slide and slip under braking loads on technical surfaces, and its performance further degrades in wet conditions, where stability becomes a challenge.

Rolling Resistance:
One notable strength of the Continental Mountain King is its impressive rolling speed. With a low-profile tread, the tire manages to deliver efficient rolling on smooth terrains, making it a suitable choice for riders frequenting buff trails. The high rolling speed and low rolling resistance contribute to energy conservation, particularly beneficial on well-maintained trails. However, the gains in rolling speed might be offset by challenges such as sliding during aggressive cornering or losing traction on steep and loose sections.

Ease of Installation:
Installation of the Mountain King proves to be a hassle-free experience, with the tire easily seating on a 30mm test rim using a floor pump with a tubeless booster chamber. The tire’s compatibility with regular floor pumps is a noteworthy advantage, potentially saving riders from the additional effort required for bead seating. This ease of installation contributes positively to the overall user experience.

Priced at $70, the Continental Mountain King ProTection falls within the average range for high-end mountain bike tires. However, the challenge lies in its average performance across various metrics. The tire faces stiff competition from other options in the same price range that may offer better overall value. Unless the rider perfectly aligns with the tire’s best applications, most notably its speed in a straight line, exploring alternatives might lead to more satisfactory choices.

Continental Mountain King ProTection Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorCompound/CasingPuncture protectionTire beadTPI
2626×2.3058-559675BlackBlackBlackChiliProTection casingtlr3/180