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Continental Gatorskin

The Continental Gatorskin tire excels as a high-mileage winter training option designed for challenging conditions. Its enduring popularity among riders is attributed to its proven reliability and performance. While it might not match the speed and responsiveness of race-oriented tires, the Gatorskin strikes a commendable balance between toughness, longevity, grip, and speed. For those prioritizing flat resistance and durability over absolute speed, the Gatorskin remains a solid and trustworthy choice, particularly for winter and rough-road cycling.

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Continental Gatorskin Review

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Johan van Seijen

October 7, 2020


Ride Quality:
The Continental Gatorskin is renowned for its durability and flat resistance, making it a common choice for winter training in tough conditions. The tire offers a smooth and user-friendly ride, with a surprisingly supple feel despite its heavier casing. The 180 TPI (threads per inch) carcass provides good suppleness, contributing to a positive riding experience. However, compared to lighter race-oriented tires, it felt slightly less lively, but the trade-off is in the tire’s resilience and longevity.

Rolling Resistance:
The Gatorskin, with its emphasis on durability, comes with a slightly higher rolling resistance compared to lightweight race tires. The weight difference, around 55 grams more than some race-oriented tires, can contribute to a subtle increase in rolling resistance. While this might affect the perception of speed, it’s a reasonable compromise for the added puncture protection and longevity, making it suitable for winter training and rough road conditions.

Puncture Resistance:
Puncture resistance is a standout feature of the Gatorskin. The tire is equipped with a PolyX Breaker polyester fiber puncture protection layer, coupled with the DuraSkin mesh protective layer on the sidewalls. These features make it highly resistant to punctures caused by various road debris, enhancing its reliability in challenging conditions. The tire’s design strikes a balance between grip and rolling efficiency, providing confidence-inspiring performance.

Ease of Installation:
Installing the Gatorskin is a straightforward process, making it convenient for riders. The tire is available with both folding Kevlar bead and rigid wired bead options. The bead-to-bead DuraSkin mesh layer, while adding to the puncture protection, doesn’t complicate the installation. Riders should adhere to Continental’s recommended inflation pressures for optimal performance.

The Gatorskin is priced as a premium tire, reflecting its reputation for a compelling combination of ride quality, flat protection, and durability. While it might be among the more expensive options in the market, the tire’s performance justifies the investment for riders seeking a reliable and robust choice for year-round cycling.

Continental Gatorskin Specifications

DiameterSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread colorSidewall colorPuncture protectionTire beadTPIMax Psi
2626×1 1/828-559320BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerfoldable180120
2626×2323-571275BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerwired180120
2727×1 1/432-630395BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerwired3/180102
700C700Cx2323-622305BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerwired3/180120
700C700Cx2323-622230BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerfoldable3/180120
700C700Cx2525-622245BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerfoldable3/180120
700C700Cx2525-622315BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerwired3/180120
700C700Cx2828-622360BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerwired3/180116
700C700Cx2828-622280BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerfoldable3/180116
700C700Cx3232-622345BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerfoldable3/180102
700C700Cx3232-622420BlackBlackDuraSkin / PolyX Breakerwired3/180102