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Stories about vintage bikes and their parts

Bike Restoration

From painting to polishing, if it isn't broken doesn't mean it can't be upgraded.

Bike Repair

We go beyond fixing flat tires to bring you the information to get your bike going

Bike Maintenance

Once the bike restoration project is finished, your bike needs to receive some TLC every now and then.

Bike Catalogs

I've made overviews of some of my favorite bicycle brands. Want to know what year the bike from your favorite brand is from? You'll find it on the bike catalog pages.


From slick tires, to knobby trail tires, to gorgeous skinwall versions. All the information you need to spruce up your build.

Bicycle Lights

You want to do some night riding, this is the area where you find all the info you need.

Bike Fitting

Everything you need to know to get the most out of your bike riding, while staying comfortable.


I love bicycles. I love keeping my bikes in great shape. And I enjoy the quality rides they give me. A lot of bikes aren’t kept in great shape. And the rides that could have been get destroyed in the process.

I pick up some of these bikes. I nourish them. I bring them back to live so they can fulfil their intended destinies. In return they offer their thanks in providing me with the thrilling rides I’m looking for.

After I started restoring bikes, I found an estimated 1 million bicycles are added each year to my country of 18 million. Hundreds of thousands of bikes are sent to the trasher, because it takes more money to refurbish them than they could be sold for.

That’s NOT OK. And if money is an issue, why not offer people the best information available so the only thing to invest is time. With the information offered on this website “lack of information” with respect to restoring bicycles will no longer be an issue (if it ever was).

I wish you all the best with your own restoration projects. Cheers.

Winning a BMX in a local drawing contest at 7 years old