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An overview of the 5 best aluminum bicycle fenders for your next restoration project

Ever since I inherited my dad’s road bike I’ve been thinking about what to do with it. After I restored a mountain bike I was inspired to do the same with this bike and turn it into a speedy but more comfortable touring bike with aluminum bicycle fenders.

They are not easy to find second-hand. They are either bent or broken, and as yet I’ve been unable to find a set of aluminum bicycle fenders.

I already researched the subject earlier when I restored my Koga Miyata Adventure. It had broken fenders suited for 32 mm width tires. I finally swapped out the entire wheel set for road bike wheels, with accompanying vintage road bike fenders.

The advantage of aluminum bicycle fenders over chromoplastic ones is that they basically can’t break, they can only dent.

So I know there are a number of excellent, but expensive, aluminum bicycle fenders out there. Let’s see what made it on my list.

Choosing the right fender width

Before you rush in and decide to buy a premium piece of aluminum, make sure you know the fender width you’re going to need. In the table below you can find out which one applies to your particular set of wheels.

Bicycle Type
Fender Width
Rim Diameter
700x20mm. – 700x28mm.
700x25mm. – 700x35mm.
700x28mm. – 700x38mm.
26×1″ – 26×1.5″
700x38mm. – 700x47mm.
26×1.6″ – 26×2.1″
26×2.1″ – 26×2.35″

Honjo bicycle fenders

The Japanese Honjo specializes in mudguards made from various alloys including aluminum.

They offer every imaginable option you could think of when it comes to bicycle fenders. Every shape and size is represented, from standard smooth, to fluted. to hammered fluted, to versions I don’t even know what to call.

Honjo bicycle fenders are definitely more DIY. You’ll have to drill all the holes yourself and there’s a huge variety in parts and ways to mount the fenders on your bike. So be sure that’s what you and understand what you get yourself into. You don’t want to be punching the wrong hole in these very premium mudguards.

The craftsmanship of both fenders and fender parts is absolutely stunning and undeniable. They are extremely fitting for any restoration project. And in terms of variety and quality, they can’t be beat.

Velo Orange bicycle fenders

Velo Orange has an excellent selection of aluminum bicycle fenders in wheel sizes 20″, 26″, 650b, and 700c.

Depending on the size and width that applies to your wheels, there are different versions. From smooth options, to hammered, “snakeskin” fenders, fluted, and zeppelin versions.

Fenders have holes drilled into them for the stays, which are included in a purchase. But if you want to mount a rear light, you’ll need to punch extra holes yourself.

A purchase furthermore includes all necessary bolts and washers. A nice touch is a set of rubber washers to protect the fenders from prematurely corroding in the spots where that’s most likely.

Most versions are available in both silver and black anodized.

Contec bicycle fenders

Contec is probably best known for their stylish 700c flat fenders, made from aluminum or even wood.

They also offer standard rounded smooth aluminum bicycle fenders. But these pale in comparison to options from both Velo Orange and Honjo. They are a lot cheaper though.

BLB bicycle fenders

BLB or Brick Lane Bikes as they are otherwise known, makes a couple different in-house versions of mudguards, which are all 700c ones.

From classic smooth-shaped fenders, to hammered and flat ones, both in silver and black anodized.

There aren’t that many options to choose from but they are well made and offer all the hardware you’ll need.

SKS Edge AL bicycle fenders


SKS is probably best known for their lightweight and relatively cheap Bluemels fenders, which are reminiscent of vintage chromoplastic ESGE fenders.

They offer a single aluminum bicycle fender: the Edge AL. Unlike the other flat profile fenders mentioned here, these fenders offer more protection from road spray because of the sharp edge.

They are significantly cheaper than the other brands and include all mounting material.

They only come in a 700c version of either 46 or 56 mm width.

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Johan van Seijen is the founder of His cycling career has seen him at the starting line of classics such as the Amstel Gold Race and Liege Bastogne Liege. Realizing his racing capacity would fall short of what was needed he obtained a MS from the University of Amsterdam in engineering. His love for cycling changed into riding in an amateur capacity with his local cycling club TFC Weesp as a roadie and supporting MTB Noordwest as a mountain biker. He repairs, restores, and builds bicycles and shares his knowledge on YouTube, Facebook and this website. 

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