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The top 9 best women’s summer MTB gloves

In this list I’m going to cover the best women’s summer MTB gloves.

As of this writing we’ve just started spring and temperatures are rising. A great time to swap out that old pair of gloves and see what the market hs to offer in terms of lightweight summer gloves.

Depending on your favorite style of riding, downhill, enduro, cross-country, or trail riding, you might prefer one glove over the other. This list includes distint offerings for a specific discipline or a solid all-round option.

From airy minimal options without extra protection, to more durable hard-wearing options with knuckle protection and gel padding, that can take a beating.

So enough talk, let’s get on with the list of the very best women’s summer MTB gloves.

100% Ridecamp Women’s Gloves

100% Ridecamp Women's Gloves
100% Ridecamp Women's Gloves

The 100% Ridecamp Women’s Gloves are hard-wearing summer gloves with an exceptional fit.

The upper construction made from stretchy Nylon is very soft to the touch and the synthetic palm with pull-on cuff provides excellent levels of traction and grip.

The price for this high-end mountain blike with touchscreen compatiblity is reasonable enough.

The gloves feel seamless because they are basically seamless. With such a perfect fit and no seams to speak of, the gloves score very high in the comfort category. And as such, make for a great MTB summer cycling glove for all-round trail riding.

Giro Women’s LA DND Gloves

Giro Women's LA DND Gloves

The Giro Women’s LA DND Gloves offer an extra level of comfort in a palm that sits just above the barely-there feel.

Overall it’s a very minimal MTB summer clove with a nicely dotted design. Besides a palm made from durable AX Suede synthetic leather, there’s a bit of gel padding to provide protection from jarring trail-riding and in case of a wipe-out. Even with the seams to cover the padding, there’s absolutely no bunching at all, and you don’t feel them with the hands on the bar.

Because of the side-opening the gloves are easy to pull on or get of, without the need of turning them totally inside out in case of sweaty hands.

Another great all-round trail riding option that’ll last you a long time.

Hestra All Mountain Sr. Gloves

Hestra All Mountain Sr. Gloves

The Hestra All Mountain Sr. Gloves is a seriously well-made dedicated mountain bike glove from this Swedish family-run company.

The knuckly protection is achieved by a hard insert. The front of the fingers have some added material as well. Where it matters the glove is reinforced with Clarino synthetic leather.

Although not water resistant or equipped with windblocker fabric, the glove offers good protection in various chillier temperatures, especially when your body has warmed up itself.

As for the design, you either hate or love the high contrast black-beige panelling. There’s no other design to choose from. Whatever your preference, the fact this is a high-quality mountain bike glove is unmistakable.

Leatt 1.0 Women’s GripR V22 Gloves

Leatt 1.0 Women's GripR V22 Gloves
Leatt 1.0 Women's GripR V22 Gloves

The Leatt 1.0 Women’s GripR V22 Gloves is quite a name for this excellent pair of lightweight summer gloves.

Leatt makes excellent MTB gloves and they can add these near-perfect women’s MTB summer gloves to their already impressive roster.

The barely-there feel applies to these gloves as they have an impressive snug fit with aided by a specific method of stitching that follows the natural lines your hand makes when gripping the bars.

The don’t offer any form of protection. That means no padding, either on top or in the palm. But some women like there gloves to protect their hands in the case of a fall and the worst abrasions, which this glove will do.

Pearl Izumi Women’s Divide Gloves

Pearl Izumi Women's Divide Gloves
Pearl Izumi Women's Divide Gloves

The Pearl Izumi Women’s Divide Gloves is another option in an already great lineup of women’s MTB summer gloves.

The Ax Suede Uno leather palm offers a durable and ventilated grip on the handlebars. Whereas the upper construction is made from a single piece of lightweight 4-way stretch mesh fabric.

The touchscreen functionality works excellent and the slip-on cuff fits snugly around the wrist.

Whether or not the minimalistic design with gray-blueish bars on top resonates with you is up to you, but this is a great glove for hot summer trail riding.

POC Resistance Enduro Gloves

POC Resistance Enduro Gloves
POC Resistance Enduro Gloves

The POC Resistance Enduro Gloves are meant for long rides in the saddle and offer stronger, more durable fabric than the compagnions on this list.

Even with enduro sitting in the name, any form of protection is missing from these gloves. So I would almost argue, they are just as well suited for XC or all-round trail riding.

I’ve chosen to feature the glove with the slip-on cuff, but should you prefer there’s also version with a velcro strap.

These are not cheap gloves, but for a price that’s almost twice as much you’d normally pay for the average glove, you do get a piece of equipment that’ll survive your next crash (probably).

POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves

POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves
POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves

The POC Resistance Pro DH Gloves are padded gloves for downhill mountain biking. Every mountain biker has had sudden crashes that come out of nowhere, leaving you wondering what just happened.

The EVA foam padding is sturdy enough on impact to protect your hands in these cases, but still offer flexibility so you don’t get the feeling you’re using a winter glove. The padding sits underneath a highly abbrasive-resistant ceramic fabric covering the knuckels and outer three fingers.

The thin seamless vented palm offers silicone padding to take out the sting of jarring downhill sections, or for longer trail rides, which provides a perfect combination of grip and comfort.

It’s not my favorite design-wise. But design-preference notwithstanding, the quality and comfort of the glove is undeniable.

POC Savant MTB Gloves

POC Savant MTB Gloves
POC Savant MTB Gloves

The POC Savant MTB Gloves are the opposite of the Enduro gloves from the same brand in terms of durability.

The extremely lightweight MTB summer glove sacrifices everything to be as minimal and non-obtrusive on your hands as possible.

They are truly gorgeous gloves in their simplicity, but you do have to wonder whether or not this extra light construction can stand the test of time or a crash.

But if you are a person who takes care of their products, doesn’t mind the premium price, and prefers safety above speed, this is the glove for you.

Troy Lee Designs Women’s Ace 2.0 Gloves

Troy Lee Designs Women's Ace 2.0 Gloves
Troy Lee Designs Women's Ace 2.0 Gloves

The Troy Lee Designs Women’s Ace 2.0 Gloves are excellent fitting gloves, that provide a seamless fit between your hands and the bars.

This year the gloves come with an added D30 knuckle protector, making them a good choice for hot weather downhill and enduro riding as well. And this protection will also come in handy on tigh trails where the chance of your hands getting wipped by a branch is high.

Furthermore they tick all of the other boxes for women’s MTB summer gloves. These are ventilated palms, mesh upper construction for extra breathability, tight-fitting slip-on cuff and a bunch of colors to choose from.

Specifications women’s summer MTB gloves

NameSexTypeBackPalmPaddingInsulationSeasonBuy at Amazon
100% Ridecamp Women’s Gloveswomenfull fingerNylon spandexClarinononenonesummerlink
Giro Women’s LA DND Gloveswomenfull fingermeshAX Suede3MM Technogel Paddingnonesummerlink
Hestra All Mountain Sr. Glovesunisexfull fingerClarinononenonesummerlink
Leatt 1.0 Women’s GripR V22 Gloveswomenfull fingerMicronGripnonenonesummerlink
Pearl Izumi Women’s Divide Gloveswomenfull fingermeshAx Suede Unononenonesummerlink
POC Resistance Enduro Glovesunisexfull fingernonenonesummerlink
POC Resistance Pro DH Glovesunisexfull fingerCeramic fabric w. VPD knuckle protectorsiliconenonesummerlink
POC Savant MTB Glovesunisexfull fingermesshnonenonesummerlink
Troy Lee Designs Women’s Ace 2.0 Gloveswomenfull fingerD30 knuckle protectornonenonesummerlink