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The top 3 lightest mountain bike flat pedals

In this article I’m going to give you a selection of the lightest mountain bike flat pedals on the market today.

The average mountain bike flat pedal weighs around 400 grams per pair. Unlike with other components there isn’t a huge difference in weight between budget and very expensive pedals. The reason is that carbon isn’t used in quality pedals to bring the weight down, because one pedal strike and your carbon pedal would probably explode.

That means you’re left with aluminium bodies and there’s only so much CNC’ing to be done before you negatively impact the strength of your pedal body. Another avenue to reduce weight is to swap out the chromoly axle for a titanium one, and create the body from magnesium instead of aluminium.

Where usually lighter means much more expensive that’s also not the case with flat pedals. The cheaper alternative for aluminium is using either nylon or a nylon composite. And nylon is lighter (and less durable) than aluminium.

As far as lightweight is concerned, this list only holds pedals below 300 grams, which means that on average you get a weight save of a 100 grams. But as far as lightest mountain bike flat pedals, this list covers them.



The lightest entry on this list, by far, is the HT ME03T. They are made of magnesium (hence the M) and a titanium spindle, which lowers the weight to a mere 218 grams. This is extraordinary considering the fact that the next lightest entry is 35 procent heavier.

The pedals are extremely thin. 11mm So if you like your pedals to be anorexic, and absolutely minimize the risk of pedal strikes, this is the setup for you.

HT (which stands for Hsing Ta) is a brand that only manufacturers bicycle pedals (or it seems that way) and these are both their lightest and most expensive flat pedals. And with a price almost nearing 300 euros they are wallet-draining indeed.

The pedal makes use of HT’s proprietary EVO+ bearing system, which includes ball bearings within a container between two separate races, and 2 bushings.

The platform is relatively small at and incredibly thin at 102 x 96 x 11 mm. The platform does provide ample amounts of grip with 20, rear-loading pins made from aluminium to further reduce the weight.

There’s something special about any bike component that caters to weight weenies, and this is truly a gorgeous piece of engineering for those who’re willing to spend the money.

Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small

Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small

The Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small is the nylon composite version of their aluminium counterpart.

It measures 100 x 100 x 13 mm and offers a chromoly axle with both a glide and cartridge bearing.

Slightly concave with 18, rear-loading pins, it’s one of the best-looking and lightest nylon offerings out there, weighing only 299 grams.

Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Small

Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Small
Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Small

Of all the mountain bike flat pedals I’ve researched, the Crankbrothers Stamp 11 is the most expensive at a retail price of 300 USD. No matter how you slice it, that’s a lot of money for a bicycle component, that really isn’t that complex. So what exactly does such an amount of money get you.

For starters, you’ll get a pedal that weighs exactly the same as their most budget offering: the Stamp 1. A pedal that costs 6 times less at 50 dollars. But that’s about as far as comparisons goes.

But when talking about comparisons, it IS exactly the same as the Stamp 7. The Stamp 11 only differs in the material used for the spindle, which in this case is made from titanium.

The Stamp 7 costs 180 USD and offers the same dual bearing setup, the same aluminium body, and the same overall shape and size.

So if you ask me, 120 dollars for a titanium spindle and a 45 gram weight reduction across two pedals is a bit too much for my taste. Especially considering the fact you get the exact same riding experience with the Stamp 1.

So I’d go for the Stamp one or, if you don’t care about the money, go for the HT ME03T, which offers a magnesium body besides the titanium spindle.

Specifications lightest mountain bike flat pedals

NamePriceWeightLengthWidthHeightBody MaterialSpindleBearings and BushingsPinsService KitBuy at AmazonBuy at Ebay
HT ME03T285.00 USD218 g102 mm96 mm11 mmmagnesiumtitaniumEVO+ bearing, 2 bushings20, rear-loadinglinklink
Crankbrothers Stamp 1 Small49.99 USD299 g100 mm100 mm13 mmnylon compositeCr-Mo1 glide bearing, 1 cartridge bearing18, rear-loadingavailablelinklink
Crankbrothers Stamp 11 Small299.99 USD299 g100 mm100 mm13 mmaluminiumtitanium2 glide bearings20, front-loadinglinklink