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The top 12 women’s water resistant cycling gloves

In this article I’m going to give you my top picks for the best women’s water resistant cycling gloves.

Water resistant cycling gloves are perfect riding companions when you don’t mind getting caught in the occassional rain shower. These gloves offer ample protection if you do. For the ultimate in protection against wet conditions you should read my article which feature the top women’s waterproof cycling gloves.

Besides protecting your hands against the rain, they are all windproof as well, and feature some form of added insulated protection against the cold.

It doesn’t really matter what style of riding you prefer, whether it’s touring, commuting, road racing, or trail riding. Naturally all gloves are adequate enough to protect you whatever style of riding you prefer.

So let’s see what type of women’s water resistant cycling gloves I came up with!

Castelli Spettacolo Ros Gloves

Castelli Spettacolo Ros Gloves
Castelli Spettacolo Ros Gloves

The Castelli Spettacolo Ros Gloves are insulated cycling gloves for cold weather.

Made from a water resistant upper, which is windproof as well, they have a synthetic palm with silicone striping for grip on the handlebars.

The insulation is made from high-quality PrimaLoft Gold material, ensuring your hands will remain warm.

If you enjoy your rides in non-freezing temperatures, this slim and fully insulated water-resistant glove will prove to be a solid choice.

Castelli Perfetto Ros Gloves

Castelli Perfetto Ros Gloves
Castelli Perfetto Ros Gloves

The Castelli Perfetto Ros Gloves are minimal cycling gloves made from GORE-TEX INFINIUM.

This lightweight and durable material is both windproof and water resistant. The gloves are furthermore fleece-insulated. It means you get an adequate amount of heat enhancement for temperatures ranging between 43-50F.

This glove also has Castelli’s CDS, a small area of padding sitting in the spot of the ulnar nerve, which works exceptionally well to give you just that added bit of comfort to prevent hand numbness.

In the end, it makes for a very comfortable, lightweight, slim-fitting glove that’ll get you through all but the coldest temperatures.

Fox Women’s Ranger Fire Gloves

Fox Women's Ranger Fire Gloves
Fox Women's Ranger Fire Gloves

The Fox Women’s Ranger Fire Gloves are affordable fleece-lined windproof and water-resistant gloves.

The contain a palm of synthetic AX Suede leather, which adds grip without adding bulk.

Meant for the trail riding in chill conditions, they are perfectly suited for road ridng as well, but do not contain any additional protection for riding on the brake hoods of drop bars.

They are as simple as they are effective in keeping out the cold.

Giro Women’s Candela 2.0 Gloves

Giro Women's Candela 2.0 Gloves

The Giro Women’s Candela 2.0 Gloves are gloves lined with a very comfortable softshell liner.

The Polartec Windbloc creates a barrier against the elements that’s both windproof and water resistant. Further comfort is added by gel padding beneath the AX Suede synthetic leather palm.

Meant for temperatures around 35-45F they are stylish gloves for very cold rides indeed.

Giro Women’s Inferna Gloves

Giro Women's Inferna Gloves

The Giro Women’s Inferna Gloves are very similar to the Candela 2.0 gloves.

The difference resides in a fleece liner which is softer, but a little less warm and does not protect against rain at all. The gloves are touchscreen compatible as well.

The water resistance it does have is provided by the same Polartec Windbloc upper construction, which is dotted with light reflective material.

Giro Women’s Cascade Gloves

Giro Women's Cascade Gloves

The Giro Women’s Cascade Gloves are non-padded gloves containing a Polartec Power Wool insulation underneath a Polartec Windbloc upper.

The Power Wool combines a soft, warm and comfortable Merino wool base attached to a durable synthetic outer layer. In combination with the upper windblocker construction the gloves provide a more than adequate water-resistant barrier, where wind will never reach the inside of the glove.

The gloves are touchscreen compatible.

Gore Wear C3 GORE-TEX Infinium Stretch Mid Gloves

Gore Wear C3 GORE-TEX Infinium Stretch Mid Gloves
Gore Wear C3 GORE-TEX Infinium Stretch Mid Gloves

The Gore Wear C3 GORE-TEX Infinium Stretch Mid Gloves features, as the name suggests, a GORE-TEX INFINIUM upper construction.

This proprietary material has excellent water-resistant and windproof properties, while maintaining extremely lightweight for a glove with these characteristics.

To add a bit of warmth, the gloves features a soft fleece insulation, behind a silicone palm.

Superb high-tech minimalistic gloves to protect you from the elements and enjoy your cold rides.

Gore Wear C5 GORE-TEX Infinium Gloves

Gore Wear C5 GORE-TEX Infinium Gloves
Gore Wear C5 GORE-TEX Infinium Gloves

The Gore Wear C5 GORE-TEX Infinium Gloves feature GORE-TEX INFINIUM as well but in an even more minimalistic package.

Instead of fleece, these gloves are insulated with GORE WINDSTOPPER fabric. It has a cuff reduced in size from traditional cold-weather gloves.

The best choice for maximum freedom and feel with your handlebars, while still obtaining the benefits of being water-resistant and windproof.

Hestra Windstopper Tracker Gloves

Hestra Windstopper Tracker Gloves

The Hestra Windstopper Tracker Gloves are sturdy and durable gloves made containing GORE WINDSTOPPER for insulation.

Protective material is added the inside of the index finger and thumb to improve durability. basic no-nonsense glove.

Hestra Ergo Grip Long Gloves

Hestra Ergo Grip Long Gloves

The Hestra Ergo Grip Long Gloves adds added comfort with a sewn-in foam padding in the palm.

An easy-to-use velcro enclosure sits atop a neoprene cuff. A multi-layer upper construction keeps heat into place, but is breatheable at the same time.

The glove is pre-curved to avoid material bunching or creating folds on the handlebars. It features touchscreen compatiblity as well.

Hestra Ergo Grip Race Cut Gloves

Hestra Ergo Grip Race Cut Gloves

The Hestra Ergo Grip Race Cut Gloves are non-padded pre-curved cycling gloves for maximum grip and feel.

This makes them a good companion for trail riding in colder conditions. They feature the same three-layer upper construction as the Hestra Ergo Grip Long gloves, to add moisture-wicking, water-resistance, and protection against the wind.

High quality, durable, warm gloves for competitive riders.

POC Thermal Gloves

POC Thermal Gloves
POC Thermal Gloves

The POC thermal gloves are high-tech gloves for winter riding. The thin leather palm ensures maximum grip on your handlebars, while the entirety of the glove’s palm has a PrimaLoft Gold liner.

The back has a PrimaLoft Aerogel liner, which offers the ultimate in insulation versus weight ratio. This liner is covered with an water resistant and windproof stretch fabric. Just as the Hirzl Gripp Thermo 2.0, these gloves are made for above freezing cold temperatures and prioritize grip above insulation.

The gloves features a touchscreen strip on both the thumb and index finger.

Specifications women’s water resistant cycling gloves

NameSexTypeBackPalmPaddingInsulationSeasonBuy at Amazon
Castelli Spettacolo Ros Gloveswomenfull fingersyntheticnonePrimaLoft Goldwinterlink
Castelli Perfetto Ros Gloveswomenfull fingerGORE-TEX INFINIUMsyntheticgel paddingfleecewinterlink
Fox Women’s Ranger Fire Gloveswomenfull fingerAX Suedenonefleecewinterlink
Giro Women’s Candela 2.0 Gloveswomenfull fingerPolartec WindblocAX Suedegel paddingsoftshellwinterlink
Giro Women’s Inferna Gloveswomenfull fingerPolartec WindblocAX Suede Echo Palmgel paddingfleecewinterlink
Giro Women’s Cascade Gloveswomenfull fingerPolartec WindblocAX SuedenonePolartec Power Woolwinterlink
Gore Wear C3 GORE-TEX Infinium Stretch Mid Glovesunisexfull fingerGORE-TEX INFINIUMsiliconegel paddingfleecewinterlink
Gore Wear C5 GORE-TEX Infinium Glovesunisexfull fingerGORE-TEX INFINIUMsiliconenoneGORE WINDSTOPPERwinterlink
Hestra Windstopper Tracker Glovesunisexfull fingerGORE-TEX INFINIUMPolyesternoneGORE WINDSTOPPERwinterlink
Hestra Ergo Grip Long Glovesunisexfull fingerHESTRA 3-layer interlock polyester fabricErgo Gripfoam paddingfoamwinterlink
Hestra Ergo Grip Race Cut Glovesunisexfull fingerHESTRA Lycra fabricStretch polyesternonewinterlink
POC Thermal Glovesunisexfull fingerwindproof stretch fabricleathernonePrimaLoft Goldwinterlink