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The top 5 best fingerless leather cycling gloves

In this article I’m going to give you the best fingerless leather cycling gloves.

As the cycling season starts and the temperature increases, we might exchange our full finger gloves for fingerless ones, which providing a more natural feel with the handlebars.

The point of fingerless gloves is that they still provide some warmth during chilly rides, and the added comfort of padding should the particular glove indeed have such a thing. This list holds a number of excellent fingerless leather cycling gloves for you to choose from.

Not only are they well crafted, they offer protection and the natural ability of leather to enhance grip, while remaining breatheable and durable at the same time. Variants are offered using high-quality Pittards leather or Hirzl’s extremely strong kangaroo leather version.

So without further ado, here are my top picks for the best fingerless leather cycling gloves.

Giro LX Gloves

Giro LX Gloves

The gorgeous Giro LX bicycle gloves come in three colors: black, white, and tan. And the punctured upper gives them a retro look. Especially when choosing the tan version, it would perfectly complement an vintage road or touring bike.

These full gloves are made of high-quality Pittards leather and offer thick padding to relief pressure from the ulnar nerve and the inside of the thumb for brake levers used on road bikes.

It’s one of the very few summer gloves that are almost entirely made out of leather, which explains the price tag. And it’s one of the best-looking and most comfortable padded leather gloves money can buy.

Giro Monaco II Gel Gloves

Giro Monaco II Gel Gloves

The Giro Monaco II Gel gloves are superbly comfortable gloves in a number of great-looking colors.

The entire palm of the glove is made of high-quality Pittards leather. This type of leather combines all the necessary characteristics you need in a premium cycling glove. Comfort, grip, durability and breathability.

The fingerless Monica II Gel glove is the perfect companion for your summer rides. The Pittards leather ensures perspiraton has the ability to escape, while the mesh upper creates both a snug fit that’s still airy and comfortable.

Giro’s Technogel provides added comfort that takes out road buzz and adds comfort as well, without the rider losing feel with her bike.

Giro Women’s Monica II Gel Gloves

Giro Women's Monica II Gel Gloves

The Giro Women’s Monica II Gel gloves are the female equivalent of the Giro Monaco II gloves for men. This means that both the size and colors are oriented towards women. The gloves are otherwise identical.

So expect the same attention to deatil, care and high-quality materials used.

Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 Gloves

Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 Gloves
Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 Gloves

The Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 gloves are a more minimalistic fingerless option for summer cycling.

Unlike Pittards leather, which comes from sheep, Hirzl uses Kangaroo leather, exploiting its natural strength to create a pure road-feel glove with minimal padding.

Schwiss based Hirzl is an expert in the field of glove fabrication and it shows in all their cycling gloves, which exudes a premium quality wrapped in an understated yet gorgeous design.

Small quality details are integrated into the gloves’ design, like the enforced pull-on aid cuff and wrap around kangaroo leather pull-off-flaps. As a true summer glove the upper is made of breathable light lycra.

Hirzl Gripp Light SF Gloves

Hirzl Gripp Light SF Gloves
Hirzl Gripp Light SF Gloves

Whereas the Gripp Tour offers some added comfort with the help of padding, The Hirzl Gripp Light SF gloves forgo any kind of padding to maximise grip and feel.

The entire back is made of airtech mesh, enhancing the minimalist approach of a summer glove for those who want to feel as little on their hands as possible.

A true gloveless feel with all the benefits of comfort, breathability and durability that a leather cycling glove has to offer.

Specifications fingerless leather cycling gloves

NameSexTypeBackPalmPaddingInsulationSeasonBuy at AmazonBuy at Ebay
Giro LX GlovesmenfingerlessPittards leatherPittards leather3MM technogel paddingnonesummerlinklink
Giro Monaco II Gel GlovesmenfingerlessmeshPittards leather3MM technogel paddingnonesummerlinklink
Giro Women’s Monica II Gel GloveswomenfingerlessmeshPittards leather3MM technogel paddingnonesummerlinklink
Hirzl Gripp Tour SF 2.0 Glovesunisexfingerlesslycrakangaroo leathergel paddingnonesummerlinklink
Hirzl Gripp Light SF GlovesunisexfingerlessAirtech mesh, lycrakangaroo leathernonenonesummerlinklink