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The top 3 best road cycling shorts with pockets

In this article I’m going to give you a number of options for the best road cycling shorts with pockets.

There are a number of reasons why suddenly these cargo bibs, as they’re aptly called, have risen to the surface. The first one is that gravel riding has become increasingly popular, and with it, the ability to spread out the load across something else than rear pockets of your standard jersey.

Another reason is simply that not everyone wants to ride around wearing a tight fitting jersey, but still want the comfort of cycling bibs with some extra cargo space.

And a third is that pockets are usually located on the thighs, which is a convenient place to put either your phone or a number of energy bars.

So with that out of the way, let’s head over to my top picks for the best road cycling shorts with pockets.

Pearl Izumi Men's Expedition Bib Short

Pearl Izumi Men's Expedition Bib Short
Pearl Izumi Men's Expedition Bib Short

The Pearl Izumi Men’s Expedition Bib Short is a cargo short with plenty of storage meant for road and gravel riders.

The bib short features a dual-density Men’s ELITE Escape 1:1 chamois. Its top layer can move independently from its foam layer, which reduces friction and chafing. It means that these shorts are perfect for your average dry ride and will prove to be comfortable for a number of hours in the saddle.

The short is made from compression fabric and has 2 large thigh pockets. This means you can store larger objects, like your phone, as well as smaller ones like multiple energy bars or small tools. The compression fabric ensures a snug, yet comfortable fit.

Furthermore, the short has breathable mesh straps and a large mesh back panel. Silicone printed hems to keep the short in place.

For anything but ultra-distance riding, these shorts are a fantastic option, that doesn’t hurt your wallet too much, offers good storage options, looks the part, and are durable as well.

Sportful Supergiara Bibshort

Sportful Supergiara Bibshort
Sportful Supergiara Bibshort

The Sportful Supergiara Bib Short is a more traditional bib short from the Italian brand, which also caters to the gravel community by offering bibs with pockets.

It’s meant for race-day with a tight compression fabric but still holds their impressively comfortable gravel-specific DMS chamois. Such a pad does make a difference when traversing less than ideal road conditions for longer periods. With a firm section in the back for rough sections and minimal padding up front for going into the drops on smoother tarmac, they’re perfectly suited for gravel riding and feel amazingly comfortable.

The entire back panel and front straps are created from mesh fabric, with a large side section connecting front and back. Together with the fabric you get a pair of shorts that stay in place, look the part and feel comfortable.

There are 3 pockets. One located at the left leg and two in the back, measuring 10 x 13 cm each, with the one on the leg being 16 x 11 cm. With today’s huge phones, especially when sleeved, you might still opt to place them somewhere else. But they perform adequately for energy bars.

The shorts are beautifully crafted and fit your average build perfectly. So if you’re looking for maximum comfort for your next gravel ride the Sportful Supergiara Bib Short should be one to consider.

Craft Adv Offroad Bib Shorts

Craft Adv Offroad Bib Shorts
Craft Adv Offroad Bib Shorts

The Craft Adv Offroad Bib Shorts are more than excellent shorts for a very reasonable price.

Beautifully designed, they offer a mesh back panel that wraps around your body into a high waist, ensuring a great look with comfortable straps at the front.

The C2 pad has three layers of various densities made in a way that reduces waste. The thickest parts sit at the sit bones offering necessary damping qualities.

The shorts themselves are made from recycled polyamide, so you know Craft is big into sustainability. The brand is known for creating very durable products.

It falls into the category of cargo bibs, sporting pockets at the legs and a single zip pocket in the back.

A great product for road and gravel cyclists who can appreciate high-quality comfortable bib shorts for a great price.

Specifications road cycling shorts with pockets

Buy at Amazon
Pearl Izumi Men’s Expedition Bib Short
125 USD
Men’s ELITE Escape 1:1®
straps w. back panel
ELITE Transfer compression fabric
silicone printed cuffs
2 thigh pockets
Sportful Supergiara Bibshort
195 USD
mesh straps w. mesh back panel
stretch woven
1 mesh cargo pocket on left leg and 2 mesh pockets on back
Craft Adv Offroad Bib Shorts
140 euros
mesh straps w. mesh back panel
Lycra Sport Energy
stretch woven
1 thigh pocket, 1 zip pocket in back
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