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The top 7 best women’s cycling shorts for spin class

In this article I’m going to give you the best women’s cycling shorts for spin class.

Truth be told, any cycling short will obviously do the trick, considering riding a spinning bike is pretty similar to riding a road bike.

That being said, the average spin class is roughly an hour and features a lot of movement out of the saddle. And it’s indoors as well, so breathability and enhanced cooling properties do come into play as well.

With that in mind I’ve chosen a number of both cycling bibs and cycling shorts. Shorts having the advantage of not having extra straps that add to your body heat. I’ve even thrown in a cycling bib liner you can wear underneath another piece of clothing.

So without further ado, here are my top picks for the best women’s cycling shorts for spin class.

Pearl Izumi Women’s INTERVAL Bib Short

Pearl Izumi Women's INTERVAL Bib Short
Pearl Izumi Women's INTERVAL Bib Short

The Pearl Izumi Women’s INTERVAL Bib Short are high-quality cycling bibs offering a wealth of comfort for long rides.

The shorts has the dual-layer ELITE Escape 1:1 chamois, which sits one level below their pro offerings. It means there are dual layers with different densities to spread load away from the sit bones.

Attached front and back they can move independant from each other, offering flexiblity while riding while at the same time reducing friction.

The Elite chamois does not have an added soft top layer for the longest of rides. But the pad does offer tapered edges sealed seamlessly where it connects to the bib.

The INTERVAL bib short is made from ELITE Transfer In-R-Cool fabric, which is a cool name to describe a material that transfers heat and adds added sun reflectiveness.

It also features the drop tail technology, a horizontal cut at the lower back to enable a quick bathroom stop without the need to take of your cycling jersey and undo the straps. The cut is wide enough to uncover that part of the body you wish to uncover when nature calls.

The hems are laser cut and seamless, so the short doesn’t pinch your thighs, but do stay in place thanks to the silicone gripper.

Giordana Women’s Fusion Bib Short

Giordana Women's Fusion Bib Short
Giordana Women's Fusion Bib Short

The Giordana Women’s Fusion Bib Short offers their thicker 3-layer 13 m. Cirro-W chamois.

The rest of the shorts offer a lot of the same characteristics. The same overall shape with clipless straps ending in a comfortable large back panel, with tall laser cut hems that grip comfortably. It’s a high-waist short to provide appropriate coverage and support for a flattering figure.

The chamois has an Aloe Vera infused layer that prevents bacteria build-up and offers cooling factors, is sewn atop a tick 8mm. layer of memory foam. This open waffle-textured layer offers excellent moisture-wicking and ventilation properties, preventing it from becoming a damp, attention-grabbing patch on longer rides.

A bit less performance oriented for the casual rider, these shorts will still amaze should when staying many hours in the saddle.

Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Short

Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Short
Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Short

The Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Short is probably one of the best cycling shorts out there.

Featuring their high-end Progetto X2 Air Donna chamois, you’re ensured of a comfortable ride. The chamois featured additional inserts for female-specific pressure areas, underneath a soft skin layer, and a multi-density foam layer.

The short has a very lightweight construction with dimpled thigh panels for female cyclists ambitious enough to care about minimal aerodynamic gains. Flatlock stitching ensures a seamless feel and large GIRO4 leg grippers with vertical silicone strips keep the short in the correct place without pinching.

On of the best strapless cycling shorts your money can buy.

Castelli Prima Short

Castelli Prima Short
Castelli Prima Short

The Castelli Prima Short is an ultra-breathable cycling short made for hot weather conditions.

The short is made from Pro Dry Soft Lycra which makes it a perfect choice for hot summer riding and indoor cycling.

Furthermore with the KISS Air2 Donna you get more than enough comfort for your average cycling trip. And the short has a snug fit without feeling overly tight.

Castelli Unlimited DT W Liner Bibshort

Castelli Unlimited DT W Liner Bibshort
Castelli Unlimited DT W Liner Bibshort

Should you, for whatever reason, decide to run your bib shorts underneath another piece of clothing, you simply cannot go wrong with the Castelli Unlimited DT W Liner Bibshort.

They offer Castelli’s best-in-class Progetto X2 Air Donna, a multi-layered, variable thickness chamois, which offers pressure relief characteristics specifically oriented for the female anatomy. Besides a ultra-soft skin layer, and dual density foam layer, there are gel inserts.

Since it’s a liner, it offers superb levels of breathability with large perforated leg panels, and everything else made from form-fitting compression fabric to keep the short in the correct place.

The drop tail bib straps are so elastic they can be pulled down entirely for pee brakes without fully undressing. The shorts are finished with Giro Air leg grippers.

Sportful Neo W Bibshort

Sportful Neo W Bibshort
Sportful Neo W Bibshort

One of their more affordable options the Sportful Neo W Bibshort still packs a lot of features necessary for comfortable rides.

The classically designed cycling bib offers mesh straps and a large mesh back panel. These are connected to 4-way stretch Lycra, and finished with elastic long hems with an elastic band.

The no-fuss design minimizes the use of seams and features Bodyfit Pro W MD chamois, which is a dual-layered pad where a soft skin layers is seamlessly attached to a soft foam layer.

Sportful has been at the top of their game when it comes to offering high-quality cycling bibs, and the Sportful Neo W Bibshort is a great entry-level option.

Craft Essense Bib Shorts

Craft Essense Bib Shorts
Craft Essense Bib Shorts

The Craft Essense Bib Shorts are a great allround choice for budget-minded female cyclists.

One of Craft’s most affordable cycling bibs feature their C3 chamois, which still provides ample levels of comfort with a hollow-fiber pad.

Craft displays a high degree of corporate responsibility, with this short being created with recycled polyamide. So if that’s something you value and look for in a product, Craft is definitely worth choosing.

The cycling bib has a wide center front strap, which ends in a large back panel. It’s up to you whether or not you like such a configuration.

Highly affordable and with sustainability in mind, the Craft Essense Bib Shorts is a great choice for the recreative female rider.

Specifications best women’s cycling shorts for spin class

NamePriceChamoisStrapsMaterialHemsPocketsDisciplineBuy at AmazonBuy at Ebay
Pearl Izumi Women’s INTERVAL Bib Short150 USDdual-density Women’s ELITE Escape 1:1clipped straps w. drop tailELITE Transfer In-R-Cool fabriclaser-cut w. silicone grippernoneroadlinklink
Giordana Women’s Fusion Bib Short130 USD3-layer 13 mm. Cirro-Wseamless straps w. mesh back panelLycratall laser-cutnoneroadlinklink
Castelli Free Aero Race 4 W Short126 USDProgetto X2 Air DonnanoneForza fabricGIRO4 leg grippernoneroadlink
Castelli Prima Short100 USDKISS Air2 DonnanonePro Dry Soft LycraGIRO3 leg grippernoneroadlink
Castelli Unlimited DT W Liner Bibshort170 USDProgetto X2 Air Donnadrop tail bib strapsForza 2 compression fabricGiro Air leg grippersnoneMTBlink
Sportful Neo W Bibshort110 USDBodyfit Pro W MDcliplessLycralaser-cut w. silicone grippernoneroadlink
Craft Essense Bib Shorts90 eurosC3center strap w. back panelLycra Sport Energyelastic woven w. siliconenoneroadlink