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The complete Koga Miyata SkyRunner lineup (1989 – 1993)

I recently bought a Koga Miyata SkyRunner Carbolite and wrapped up my holy trinity of full-suspension, hardtail and rigid mountain bike.

So it’s a good reason to give the overview of all SkyRunners ever created by this company. Although Greg Herbold, the first-ever mountain bike world champion, would be prominently featured in the Koga Miyata catalogs of the early nineties, the brand isn’t real all that well known for their mountain bikes.

This makes Koga Miyata mountain bikes rare and the top-end bikes almost impossible to find. So I consider myself very lucky I was able to snatch up the one I did.

The Skyrunner was the follow-up to Koga Miyata’s Ridgerunner in terms of being the most decked out mountain bike they offered in the late eighties and early nineties.

All Koga Miyata SkyRunners except for the first one (which was aluminum) contained Carbolite tubing, which was a very thin aluminum tube wrapped in carbon. The aluminum inner tube them to is glued into aluminum lugs.

The Koga Miyata SkyRunner would be the last high-end mountain bike without suspension, an end of an era.

1989 Koga Miyata Sky Runner

1989 koga miyata sky runner

1990 Koga Miyata Sky Runner

1990 koga miyata skyrunner carbolite

1991 Koga Miyata SkyRunner-Carbolite

1991 koga miyata skyrunner carbolite

1992 Koga Miyata SkyRunner-Carbolite

1992 koga miyata skyrunner carbolite

1993 Koga Miyata SkyRunner

1993 koga miyata skyrunner carbolite

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