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The 7 best vintage Cross-Country Mountain Bikes of the 90s

In 1990 the inaugural Word Championships were being held in Durango and won by Ned Overend. In this article I’m going to provide you with an overview of all winning cross-country mountain bikes, because we all know that what you ride is more important than how you ride it.

I looked up who the winners were for the men’s cross-country event for the UCI Mountain Bike & Trials World Championships starting with 1990 and ending with 1999.

Here they are.

Ned Overend – 1990 Specialized Stumpjumper Epic

The only thing not featured in this image is the RockShox 1 or RS-1 front suspension.

Julie Furtado – 1990 Yeti FRO

Image taken from theproscloset.com

John Tomac – 1991 Raleigh Signature Edition

Henrik Djernis – 1992 Ritchey P22 Team

Thomas Frischknecht – 1996 Ritchey P-21

The original version had cantilevers not v-brakes.

Hubert Pallhuber – 1997 Diamondback Axis TT

Christophe Dupouey – 1998 Diamondback DBR Axis TT

Michael Rasmussen – 1999 Gary Fisher Katai