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The 10 most awesome looking carbon bottle cages

In this article we’re going to take a look at some of the best-looking carbon bottle cages.

Why best-looking? Because paying a considerate amount of money for a weight saving of probably 20 to 30 grams per bottle cage doesn’t make much sense from a weight saving perspective.

But who cares when you’re creating your ultimate retro-ride? Some people spend over a 1000 bucks on a new phone, while there was nothing wrong with their last three laying around. Just saying.

shuttle cage al black
Topeak Shuttle Cage AL

And since I’m in the process of fine-tuning my Cannondale Super V, I could swap out the Topeak aluminum Shuttle Cage from the Cannondale Killer V, and pick a new carbon one for the latter, since it has all the carbon components I own.

The far majority of carbon bottle cages have an alien-like look, with a lot of swirls and curves. Because of the nature of carbon it’s impossible to mimic the classic bottle cage look. But it does mean that in general a carbon bottle cage looks odd on a retro setup.

Trivio Carbon Look

trivio carbon look

Want to have the carbon look, but unwilling to spend the cash for the real deal? Then this Trivio Carbon Look bottle cage made from aluminum is the solution, since for a fraction of the cost of a real carbon bottle cage you can have its look-and-feel.

VWP Carbon X-Light

vwp carbon bottle cage

VWP is the in-house brand of Louis Verwimp, which explains why you can find this carbon bottle cage at your local retailer, right besides the pots and pans. It’s a nice looking bottle cage though.

Cannondale GT-40 Carbon

cannondale gt 40 carbon cage

Maybe it’s because it’s got Cannondale stamped on the side. Maybe it’s the relatively simple look. Either way, I like this carbon version of the Cannondale GT-40 (more than I like the elaborate Cannondale Speed C). Getting harder to find though.

Supacaz Fly Cage

Supacaz Fly Cage Carbon

If you want to add a splash of color to your bike, the Supacaz Fly Cage offers 11 differently colored options for you to choose from. If you want two, be ready to dig deep into your wallet. These carbon bottle cages aren’t cheap.

Alpitude Superleggero

A carbon bottle cage weighing 9 grams and the option to choose the carbon weave..? The Alpitude Superleggero will be your choice for a mere €100.

Of course, for that price, they ship with titanium screws. We wouldn’t want to add another 5 grams now would we?

Tune Wasserträger 2.0

Tune Wassertrger 2.0

Yes you guessed it, wasserträger is German for water holder. And the Tune Wasserträger 2.0 does it with just 9 grams of carbon.

Now all that’s holding you down is the amount of water you have in the bottle. Not the bottle cage itself.

Elite Kit Chrono CX

If you’re looking for an aerodynamic carbon offering of a bottle cage and matching bottle, the Elite Chrono CX kit will be your pick.

Legend Wing

legend wing bottle cage

Not entirely my cup of tea, but this wing-type bottle cage does make you stand out from the crowd. And yes, that’s carbon.

Beast Components Bottle Cage

Why call it anything else than “bottle cage” and let the product do the rest of the talking. This summarily called carbon bottle cage from Beast Components ups the ante in design and price.

Extremely lightweight at 20 grams. and coming in various colors and carbon weaves it means you can take a swill in style.

Birzman Uncage

birzman uncage bottle cage

The minimalistic Birzman Uncage is a carbon bottle cage with a side-loading option. This is a good option for smaller frames.

Be sure to buy both a left and right version if you want a dual setup on your bike.

Blackburn Carbon

blackburn carbon bottle cage

The Blackburn Carbon bottle cage has a bit more body to it than the rest on this list, which will appeal to some riders.

Coming in a variety of colors, there will surely be one to match your frame’s paint job.

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