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How to install a bike frame lock in 2 easy steps

In this short article I’m going to explain how to install a bike frame lock.

I bought this lock some time ago and installed it on my wife’s Ricardo Sport. However, since that bike is black and my Koga Miyata Adventure has a lot of shiny parts, I decided to install it on the latter instead.

Let’s get started.

Video Tutorial

Installing frame lock mounts

I still had a pair of old-style bike frame lock mounts. I found out that the black plastic part actually comes in various sizes to accommodate different type frame tubing.

The frame lock mount has a plastic part which wraps around the seat stays and a hook that’ll hold the bike frame lock in place.

You can still buy these frame lock mounts if you don’t have them. The vintage frame lock itself is a little harder to come by these days.

Before I put the frame lock mounts in place I put a piece of tape onto the stays to reduce the risk of damaging the paint.

Installing the bike frame lock itself

With the frame lock mounts in place it’s time to mount the bike frame lock itself.


Getting the lock in the correct place is done by putting it over the wheel sideways.

Each lock should have one or various openings to mount the lock. Just place the hooks through these holts and bolt it into place. Use a socket wrench to really tighten down the bolts.

And don’t forget to apply a bit of grease on the hooks. This area of the bike will receive a lot of water spray from the wheel, because the brakes are right behind the bike frame lock.

key hanger

And for some final bling finish your bike frame lock installation with a cool key hanger.

And that’s how you install a frame lock! If you like this article give it a thumbs up. If you have any questions or suggestions for new articles, let me know in the comments below. Cheers.

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