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The top 5 best road bike saddles under 100 dollars

In this article I’m going to give you my top picks for the best road bike saddles under 100 dollars.

I’m featuring road bike saddles from well-established names. A huge amount of R&D goes in to developing a bike saddle and each company improves upon earlier iterations. And for obvious reasons each brand also wants to distinguish themselves from the competition and the hundreds of different designs flooding the market.

All that innovation trickles down into what you could call budget versions of their high-end offerings. When looking at big brand names the result can be extraordinary comfortable high quality saddles without the price tag. Don’t expect featherweight carbon offerings in this overview, but we all know that the weight gain of 100 grams does very little if anything for your next ride.

What you can expect in this list for the best road bike saddles under 100 dollars are multi-functional and comfortable products that’ll definitely don’t break the bank. Life is not getting less expensive as time wears on, and recent years has seen a tremendous increases in prices.

So without furher ado here’s my overview of the best road bike saddles under 100 dollars for budget-minded people.

Contenders best road bike saddles under 100

Prologo Kappa Space

Prologo Kappa Space
Prologo Kappa Space

Coming in both white and black with red elements thrown in the Prologo Kappa Space is the most in your face options of all the saddles listed here. So if you’re in for that type of design this one will float your boat.

Besides the design aspects the Kappa Space has a more classic looking arrow design at 270×147 mm, sitting on cro-mo 7 mm standard rails.

The center cutout and dipped area is more narrow than several of its competitors, which is also in line with more classic designs.

A great fit on a road bike saddle will always be something intimately personal. But if you feel more familiar with classicly shaped arrowheaded saddles, and you like its design, this great piece from Prologo is the best choice.

Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Superflow

Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Superflow
Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Superflow

Selle Italia tops makes some of the most expensive bike saddles in the world, with a strong focus on both true road racing pieces.

The Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo Superflow is another great example of the Italian brands solid engineering. And they do so in a well-designed package that does not cross 100 dollars.

In line with today’s penchant for short-nosed saddles, the Novus Boost measures only 248 mm in length and has a standard width of 145 mm. Superflow is the term designated for their models with cutouts.

It’s a great-looking piece of equipment with nuanced detailing in the form of a perforated black upper and logo. The center cutout sits in the middle of a dipped area. And underneath the shell you’ll find a 7 mm alloy rails to keep the price the way it is.

I may not be as budget-minded as in my college days, but if I was this is probably the saddle I’d pick.

Fabric Scoop Elite Flat

Fabric Scoop Elite Flat
Fabric Scoop Elite Flat

The Fabric Scoop comes in many versions with the carbon version nearing the 300 dollar mark. This Fabric Scoop Elite Flat sits well under 100 dollars but has the exact extremely comfortable design.

Flat means this is a true road racing saddle with less padding and a thinner nose. At 244 grams the weight is about what you can expect for a road bike saddle in this price range.

The saddle has a standard 7 mm cro-mo rails sitting underneath a nylon shell, and has a classic all-black design without a cutout in the base of 142 mm. At 244 mm in length it’s not a long saddle, which means less moving around and higher comfort.

It’s a no-frills design that does it all, comfort for long rides, durability, and nice aesthetics for a decent price.

Selle San Marco Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport (Narrow)

Selle San Marco Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport (Narrow)
Selle San Marco Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport (Narrow)

The Selle San Marco Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport is both a short and narrow saddle for aggressive road racing on a budget, at least where your saddle is concerned.

It has a carbon steel 7 mm standard rail underneath a glass fiber shell, weighing in at 265 and a foam upper. It has a very wide cutout, and in combination with the reduced length, this ensures your sitting bones do the heavy lifting and increases comfort.

This is a solid option for aggressive riders who don’t mind sitting in the drops. For more leisure touring look elsewhere.

Fizik Vento Argo R5

Fizik Vento Argo R5
Fizik Vento Argo R5

As far as budget goes the Fizik Vento Argo R5 is the most premium option on this list with a suggested retail price of 99 euros. It can be had for cheaper on Amazon though.

It’s another very well made short-nosed saddle with a carbon-reinforced nylon shell with a large center cutout. This cutout transitions into a lower surface area both front and back, planting you firmly in place.

This version also has an alloy rail to keep costs down and a width of either 140 mm for the small or 150 mm for the larger version.

This saddle offers ample amounts of comfort for relaxed road riding, thanks to the plush padding and cutout.

Specifications best road bike saddles under 100

NameRailRetail PriceDimensionsWeightShellPaddingBuy at AmazonBuy at Ebay
Prologo Kappa Spacecro-mo 7 mm78 euros270×147 mm249 gnylonLight foamlinklink
Selle Italia Novus Boost Evo SuperflowFeC Alloy 7 mm80 euros248×145 mm247 glink
Fabric Scoop Elite Flatcro-mo 7 mm80 USD244×142 mm244 gflexible nylonlinklink
Selle San Marco Aspide Short Open-Fit Sport (Narrow)carbon steel59 euros250×139 mm265 gglass fiber reiinforcedPullfoamlinklink
Fizik Vento Argo R5S-Alloy 7 mm99 eurosS 265×140 mm – L 265×150 mmS 225 g – L 232 gcarbon-reinforced nylontype 1 foamlinklink