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The top 6 best downhill mountain bike saddles

In this article I’m going to give you my top picks for the best downhill mountain bike saddles.

If there’s one thing you don’t want is your saddle getting in the way of you moving at breakneck speed down a tactical trail. That’s the reason why some performance-oriented downhill saddles prefer to have a flat and round shape, to offer maximum flexibility.

That being said, a lot of riders prefer the swooping shape of a saddle that locks you into place and provides more support that way. With a curved lip in the back to push your body against when you want to feel maximum control.

I’ve offered a number of very affordable options in this list. Most of the time, the thing that makes a saddle really expensive is using carbon. But carbon doesn’t really make much sense downhill. And the last thing you want is breaking your precious carbon seat in a crash.

As for the damping abilities of carbon, my guess is it’s so little you don’t want to make use of the damping ability of carbon anyway to get you over tricky trail sections.

But enough talk, let’s head over to my list of the best downhill mountain bike saddles.

Ergon SMD2 Comp

SMD2 Comp
SMD2 Comp

The Ergon SMD2 Comp is a lightweight MTB saddle.

It offers a flat and rounded shell for maximum riding flexibility and weighs a mere 215 grams for a very narrow 256 x 124 mm.

That’s very narrow indeed and is meant for not getting in the way of you riding and pedaling, though some riders may prefer a bit wider saddle.

It means this saddle falls into shorter MTB trips and downhill sections, and when used for that purpose it’s one of the best.

Ergon SM E-Mountain Pro Men

SM E-Mountain Pro Men
SM E-Mountain Pro Men

Ergon is one of the few saddle manufacturers that creates distinctive gender-specific saddles. The Ergon SM E-Mountain Pro Men is their go-to saddle for mountain biking.

Plus padding and loads of comfort in an ergonomic nylon composite shell. The arc in the back means you can push against it to stay in control of more demanding sections of your trail.

A long channel in the center takes care of necessary pressure relief to soft tissue and sits between orthopedic foam halves covered in durable microfiber.

All that plushness does push it over 300 grams at 335. The saddle comes in two widths; 143 and 152 millimeters depending on your personal preference or sit bone width.

Fabric Scoop Sport Gel Radius

Scoop Sport Gel Radius
Scoop Sport Gel Radius

Fabric makes fantastic affordable saddles and Fabric Scoop Sport Gel Radius is a great example.

The nylon shell has a pronounced swoop, which makes going on and off the saddle easy for dynamic riding. The shell is held by steel rails and measures 260 x 155 mm.

At 374 grams it’s anything but light, but for downhill purposes this doesn’t really matter anyway. And it’s the most budget-friendly offering on this list.

You really can’t fault this saddle, especially not for this price. So if you’re looking for a comfortable mountain bike saddle that definitely doesn’t break the bank, this is the one.

Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5

Gravita Alpaca X5
Gravita Alpaca X5

At 130 millimeters, the Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5 is a narrow performance mountain bike saddle.

With a flat shape and rounded corners, you’ll have loads of flexibility to move around as the trail dictates your handling.

Some riders prefer a saddle to do nothing else but not get in the way as part of the ride is spent out of the saddle. This saddle does that and still offers enough padding at a very light weight of just 210 grams.

An excellent and affordable option for your tactical trail riding.

Selle San Marco GND Dynamic Wide (Open)

GND Dynamic Wide (Open)
GND Dynamic Wide (Open)

The Selle San Marco GND Dynamic Wide with the cut out version is slightly lighter at 210 grams, which is incredibly light all things considered.

It has the same overall features as the one without the cut out, and uses the same type of materials. That means you get a glass fiber reinforced shell on top of manganese steel rails, with plush padding in a semi-short length.

The version of 145 millimeters is more neutral than the narrow 135 millimeters, which allows for a bigger platform to support the rider. You might argue that that actually improves because the rider has to spend less energy staying into position.

The microfeel cover onto the star shaped design looks great and the finish is superb, which makes this saddle the perfect choice for adventurous riders on a budget.

WTB SL8 Cromoly Medium

SL8 Cromoly Medium
SL8 Cromoly Medium

The WTB SL8 Chromoly is a plush MTB saddle with a large swoop.

There are also titanium and carbon rails versions of this saddle but they significantly bump up the price whereas every other feature stays the same.

It’s a more allround mountain bike saddle that offers loads of comfort in a 142 millimeter shell width.

The chromoly version has memory foam padding that’s less stiff than the titanium and carbon versions. The shell has noticeable flex. So even though its wider than some of the more performance oriented entries, you’ll hardly notice it because the saddle moves with you.

Specifications downhill mountain bike saddles

Buy at Amazon
Ergon SMD2 Comp
100 USD
256 x 124 mm
215 g
nylon composite
Ergon SM E-Mountain Pro Men
120 USD
S 274 x 143 mm – L 274 – 153 mm
335 g
nylon composite
Orthopedic Comfort Foam
Fabric Scoop Sport Gel Radius
47 USD
260 x 155 mm
374 g
Fizik Gravita Alpaca X5
99.99 USD
251 x 130 mm
216 g
Selle San Marco GND Dynamic Wide (Open)
79 euros
262 x 145 mm
210 g
glass fiber reiinforced
WTB SL8 Cromoly Medium
96 USD
265 x 142 mm
266 g
Flex-Tuned Shell
HLX Padding
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