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The top 28 best MTB lights for night riding

I love riding at night. So its only natural that sooner rather than later I would come looking for the best MTB lights for night riding. Its simply amazing how many lights you can choose from.

Brighter is better, right? Well, generally speaking the answer to that question is yes. And with lights we talk about two parameters: lumens and lux.

Lumens is the overall output of a certain light. Lux is the amount of lumen that covers a certain area. One lux is equal to one lumen per square metre. So the larger the area covered by x amount of lumens, the lower the lux count is going to be.

To get to this list of the best MTB lights for night riding, I decided the light should have a minimum output of 1000 lumen or more. 1000 lumen is a perfect baseline for trail riding. Anything less and the output might be too small in terms of safety.

The average and safe lumen in car headlights falls between 2,000 4,000 lumens. That means that some lights on this list are just as- or brighter than the average headlight on a car. And with lights ranging from 1000 to 8000 lumens it means I present a broad spectrum of options here, from lights you can use in low-light conditions, to lights that’ll enable you to ride a trail as fast when it’s pitch black outside.

Besides lumens there are a number of other important features you should look into as well. Things like the battery type (internal or external), battery life, the type of mount, weight, how you operate the light, different modes etc. To make things easier for you I’ve added a chart for your convenience at the end of the article.

So let’s head over to my list of the best MTB lights for night riding.

NiteRider Lumina OLED 1100 Boost Front Bike Light

It offers 7 settings divided across 4 constant and 3 flashing modes. Low, medium, high, and boost mode are the options you get, through which you cycle with a button located on top of the light.

The light has two LEDs behind big floodlight lenses, which ensures you have a soft transition and quite a bit of spread to each side. There are two dimples in the plastic casing so you have your sidelight as well.

I think part of the premium price for this light is the fact it offers an OLED screen on top of it displaying battery life, time remaining and the mode you’re in. The benefit of the displayed information cannot be understated. And once you get used to it you’ll probably never want to go back to a light that doesn’t have it.

The light is attached to the bar with a bracket and a thumb screw for on-the-fly adjustability. Third-party options for center and front mounting are available.

The light has a pretty distinctive design with large silver heatsinks at either side of the composite black body.

This light definitely brings something extra to the market and in terms of user-friendliness this one is probalby the best.

Magicshine Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 Remote Version

The Magicshine MONTEER 8000S GALAXY V2.0 has made quite a name for itself in recent years. And that’s no surprise given the fact that its 8000 lumen output has brought a lot of free promotion with it, including its place on this list.

Yes, it is the most powerful mountain bike light you can find in the market. And to top that of, you can also run it as a helmet light with an optional strap. So that would bring your lumen output to a total of 16K, which is nothing short of absolutely astonishing.

Truth be told you could get yourself a decent second-hand bike for the money you will need to put on the table for such a setup.

The beam quality is one of the very best you can find. That much raw power spread out across three floodlights and two spotlights means the light goes deep and wide, leaving no area unseen.

Multiple reviewers have stated that this light enables you to replicate your riding style in the dark, because of its ability to illuminate everything.

Some other stats. The mountain bike light comes with a 10000 mAh battery. The combined package tips the scales just over half a kilo. It’s good for a descent 1.5 hours on full blast, but you probably get much more out of it, because you don’t need to for a standard trail run.

The light get’s mounted using a sturdy aluminium out front bracket using the Garmin-style mount. It can be operated using a wireless remote. This remote comes in handy because it instantly let’s you go to full brightness, and you can cycle through any of the programs, skipping the flash mode.

The aluminium case has an IPX5 waterproof rating and heat fins on both sides to prevent overheating.

Magicshine Monteer 6500S Zeus V2.0 Remote Version

One step below the GALAXY sits the Magicshine MONTEER 6500S ZEUS V2.0 with a maximum output of 6500 lumens.

It offers the exact same features as its bigger brother, except that with the same 10000 mAh it has an overall longer battery life.

Magicshine Monteer 5000S Storm MTB Headlight

Next in Magicshine’s lineup sits the Magicshine Monteer 5000S Storm MTB Headlight. Peaking at 5000 lumens, it’s still plenty powerful for the far majority of mountain bikers.

It’s also significantly cheaper than its two bigger brothers. Besides the lower output of 5000 lumens, the package also does not include a wireless remote and the aluminium Garmin-style out front mount.

The battery, at 7000 mAh, is also a step below the 10000 mAh used by the brighter lights. But that being said, this light still has a longer running time.

It’s a really, really good offering from Magicshine and one of the best lights for the price. And if you already run a Garmin mount, you can don’t need the strap anyway. So only if you really want a remote and the brighter light should you consider the more premium versions.

Magicshine MJ906S All-Around Bike Headlight

The Magicshine MJ906S All-Around Bike Headlight is a 4500 lumen mountain bike light. The package includes a strap to mount this light on your helmet.

With a 10000 mAh battery you get enough runtime to power down just about any trail with maximum visibility.

The form factor differs markedly from the Monteer versions, with just two spotlight beneath an LED strip. It means the beam is tighter than the Monteer Storm, which is just as expensive and has about the same lumen output.

A lot of other features are shared across the entire lineup. The button on top of the light that serves as a battery indicator, the Garmin compatible mount for an out front position, and 15 different light settings for basically any type of riding situation.

With that in mind you’d want to consider this light either if you directly want to mount it on your helmet, you prefer the much smaller form factor, or you plan on connecting it to your e-bike’s battery and do away with the external battery. As an e-bike solution it does meant you payed for a 10K mAh battery you’re not going to use.

Magicshine Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB Headlight

The Magicshine Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB Headlight is one of the smallest lights with the biggest punch. With an external battery this light offers a stellar 3500 lumen for 1.5 to 75 hours.

The combined package weighs 418 grams, and the loose battery holds 5200 mAH. This juice is necessary to power the 5 LEDs, with 3 flood beams sitting atop 2 spot beams.

The battery doubles as a powerbank with a micro-USB port, and a single indicator shows either green for a capacity above 20 percent or red for lower.

There’s a standard handlebar mount, but out front, Garmin mount, and a helmet mount are available. Since it’s battery operated you’ll need an extension cable as well when mounted on your helmet, but the fact you can hold 3500 lumens on your head is just insane.

The light has an IPX6 rating which means it’s basically waterproof, and the various programs can be accessed with single- and double clicks on the light itself.

Magicshine RAY2600 Smart Remote Bike Version

The Magicshine RAY2600 Smart Remote Bike Version is feature-rich front bike light, pumping out 2600 lumens at max capacity.

The light offers a dual LED setup with a single spotlight and floodlight next to each other in an aluminium housing weighing 232 grams, which is about average for a light with an integrated battery.

The battery powering this thing is a 6700 mAh version ensuring a relatively long battery life.

Having a remote is handy, and there’s a thing or two to say about the benefits of having it wired. It’ll always work for one. And quickly flicking through modes is made easy with one of these things.

The light has a waterproof rating and uses a Garmin mount for easy installation, both on the handlebars or on a helmet.

In both configurations, helmet or handlebars, the light proves to be more than adequate to light the road or trail. And one excellent feature is that it has a light sensor to auto-adjust its brightness and saving your battery.

This can be overruled by two buttons on top of the light, instead of a single one. So never make the mistake of accidently activating flash mode.

Within its category it’s an excellent value for money proposition with intuitive features that actually add to the overall quality of the light.

Magicshine ALLTY2000 OLED Power Bike Light

The Magicshine ALLTY2000 OLED Power Bike Light is a 2000 lumen front bike light, just as the name suggests.

Powered by a big 7000 mAh battery, the OLED from this light with an integrated battery, refers to the top display.

It has a standard Garmin mount, which is a nice touch should you want to hang this light underneath your computer out front.

The body is made from aluminium and plastic and its IPX5 rating means it’s waterproof.

There’s one spot- and one floodlight, so two LED’s overall to light up your path. A third strip is for close up lighting and daylight running.

Magicshine MJ900S Lightweight Mountain Bike Light

The Magicshine MJ900S Lightweight Mountain Bike Light is one of the most affordable mountain bike lights well under a 100 dollars.

A single lightweight light powered by a 2600 mAh external battery offers a beam of surprising quality. It’s one of the smallest externally powered lights you can find.

Personally I’m not a fan of externally powered lights when they are so small, considering the many alternatives. But the battery doubles as a power bank and offers a significant runtime.

Another thing to consider is the fact this light can be directly hooked to your e-bike’s battery. And the package includes a helmet mount out of the box.

With an out front Garmin and GoPro compatible mount it offers the mounting flexibility that should come with every light nowadays.

It has 3 modes and a standard flash mode, so it covers the basics.

I feel this light can be a great addition when you’re looking for any of the special features it offers. If you’re just looking for a bright light, go for one with an integrated battery instead.

Magicshine RN 1500 Exclusive Colored Bike Light

If you want to add a bit of flair to your rides you might want to go for the Magicshine RN 1500 Exclusive Colored Bike Light.

In terms of output it’s similar to the ALLTY1500, except it has a single large spotlight. The top half of the glass is shaped in such a way to serve as a floodlight, negating the use of an added LED strip.

Besides the standard gray, there’s a red and blue anodized version, which is nice.

As with the other 1500 lumen light, you get your Garmin mount, battery life indicator in the form of the power button, and 3 easy to use modes.

The LED seems to burn a bit faster through the battery, but this 1500 version is definitely the better looking one.

Towild BR2000 Bike Light

The Towild BR2000 Bike Light is the powerhouse in the budget-oriented front bike lights department.

Offering 2000 lumens in a triple-style LED’s setup. With 2 flood- and a single larger spotlight, it offers a soft wide beam perfect for adventure riding and mountain biking.

It has a 5200 mAh battery in a IPX6 waterproof aluminium housing, that can be strapped to your handlebars. The battery doubles as a powerbank with a USB out port at the back.

Two buttons on top of the light let you control the floodlights and the spotlight, with various independant settings. And a 4 dot LED indicator shows you the remaining battery life. This simple yet effective setup makes it easy to use the light.

So on paper, and in the wild, it offers some excellent statistics for an incredible price, and the aluminium design looks pretty slick as well.

Towild Cl 1200Pro Smart Bike Light

The Towild Cl 1200Pro Smart Bike Light has everything going for it, and is the most budget-friendly light on this list with 1200 lumens.

That’s impressive, especially considering the fact that it also offers a remote to go with it, as well as a Garmin mount. That means you can either put it on your handlebars or use it out front with your existing mount.

A 4000 mAh battery is housed in a waterproof aluminium shell, also something not every other competitor does. And 3 modes makes this light incredibly simple to use.

The power button on top of the light also serves as a battery indicator.

Say what you want but this brand has learned what it takes to make an effective and user-friendly bicycle light. And with that price, you can’t go wrong.

Cateye Volt 1700

The Cateye Volt 1700 is the only road bike light on this list with a tool-free removable cartridge battery. And thats the core advantage this rather pricey light has over all of the other ones listed here.

The other, bigger advantage is that you could take a charged spare battery with you. You can proceed to ride happily on the brightest setting never having to worry about a failing light because of a depleted battery. But the proprietary battery is extremely expensive, setting you back more than a hundred dollars a piece for 6800 mAh version.

It has a powerful dual LED spotlight, which is rather narrow with low flood characteristics, making this light unsuitable for anything but overall straight road cycling and touring. It has the basic high, low, medium, daytime, and flash mode. Cycling through these modes is done with a button located at the top of the light, which also is a 3-level battery indicator.

You can buy an optional out front and helmet mount.

Exposure Six Pack SYNC Mk4

The Exposure Six Pack SYNC Mk4 offers a whopping 3750 max lumen in a package weighing 386 grams. The brand from the United Kingdom makes the brightest bicycle lights with integrated batteries.

The light has an aluminium housing with 6 LEDs powered by an astonishing 17000 mAh battery to create a battery life raning from 2 to 26 hours.

The light is jam-packed with technology, most notably an accelerometer to auto-adjust your brightness depending on your speed.

Furthermore the light offers all the programmability you’d ever going to want and shows this, as well as battery life, and charge time, on a rear LED display.

The light doubles as a power bank with a USB port.

You can sync the remote with your light for wireless control as well as pair it with an auxilirary helmet light.

The light has an IP65 dustproof and water-resistant rating.

Exposure MaXx-D Mk13

The Exposure MaXx-D Mk13 is, like any of its brethren, a high quality yet expensive bicycle light.

It has a number of standout features. The first one being the biggest battery for a light with such a design. The aluminium body houses an 11000 mAH battery in a design weighing 310 grams.

The second feature is the overall build quality with 4 LEDs casting a solid beam, with excellent overall view and spotlight characteristics. The big battery ensures that a maximum output simply lasts longer than any of tis competitors, with 2500 lumen lasting for 2 hours.

Furthermore the light has accelerometers, which means it can auto-adjust the lumen output based on your speed. There isn’t a single other light in the market that can do this and part of the justification for its price.

Obviously it also comes with a number of of-the-shelf programs, displayed on the back, besides the battery life.

Everybody knows the saying you get what you pay for, and that’s certainly the case with this light, which simply exudes quality and tech all over it. The only questions remains is whether or not you’ll be willing to pay top dollar.

Exposure Toro MK12

The Exposure Toro MK12 offers unparalleled brightness with a 3200 lumen capacity in a light weighing 236 grams.

The gunmetal aluminium body houses the 8700 mAh battery, which is good for a runtime between 2 to 24 hours. The battery powers 3 LEDs.

Like other high-end bike front lights from Exposure it offers auto-adjusting of the light’s brightness based on your speed.

With 10 laser-etched programs laser-etched on the body, there’s bound to be one that suit your riding style. And it has the same rear LED display to show this nicely beside the battery life.

This light also doubles as a battery pack, but doesn’t offer a remote.

The light has an IP65 dustproof and water-resistant rating.

Exposure Race MK15

The Exposure Race MK15 sales page explicitly states this light is for XC riders, which could be the reason its the smallest offering in their MTB category. Small being not that small at all since this light with a 250.00 price tag gives you a 2200 lumen output and a 5800 mAh battery.

So why is this light so expensive compared to the other ones on this list? The thing with this light is that it has 3d accelerometers, just like your smartphone. So it knows whether youre moving and which way youre moving and how fast youre accelerating or decelerating. And the light adjusts its output accordingly. The Race MK15 is their entry-level option with this type of technology they call Reflex.

Besides this smart mode you also have the choice of 10 other modes with variable settings in each modes.

Theres an optional GoPro mount and Garmin mount available. They dont offer their own front mount bracket, which is a shame. But with a K-Edge Go Big On-Center Mount youd get there eventually. And if youre willing to spend that much money on a light, you might be willing to spend the extra 50 dollars to get it in the correct place as well.

The light is an absolute gorgeous piece of kit with an astonishing amount of technology on-board. Exposure has truly created the next step in bicycle lighting. There really is nothing like it in the market.

Fenix BC30 Bike Light V2.0

The Fenix BC30 Bike Light V2.0 is an incredibly affordable yet powerful front bike light, with a 2200 lumen output generated by a 5200 mAh battery.

You cannot expect much more than a bright light for that kind of money, let alone 3d accelerometers like those found in the Exposure lights. But what you do get surely let’s it deserve a place on this list.

The biggest drawback in terms of price is that batteries are NOT included in the package, which means the sub-100 dollar price tag isnt the one youll actually be paying, unless you just happen to have two 18650 Li-ion batteries lying around. But the fact you can take as many of those batteries with you could also be considered a great way of never running out of juice for your bicycle light.

Whats also very important to realize is that batteries have a finite lifespan, especially if you use them often. And the fact this light uses readily accessible batteries means you can also use the light itself. None of the other lights Ive reviewed work this way. Batteries will eventually wear out and will prove to be hard and expensive to fix, if you can fix them at all.

The 18650 batteries Fenix offers themselves go from 2600 mAh up to 3500 mAh, so you can put up to 7000 mAh into this light. The price ranges from .95 to .95. You can then simply carry an the extra cheaper set with you, if youre afraid of running out of juice. Or you can buy a battery and charger bundle for .95 and be done with it.

The two batteries are placed in a tray that slides into the aluminium encasing. You can pull the tray out of its housing by turning and then pulling on a metal ring at the end.

It does have a bluetooth remote so you can easily use this light mounted on your helmet as well, which, for the price, is an incredible extra value.

The lack of batteries out-of-the-box, but your ability to take as many of them with you, is both kind of let down and very useful. The powerful light, with a remote for a very descent price is nothing short of impressive.

The light has a very solid design and will last you long enough for a good entry level price. This is also the most sustainable light, which I consider to be a great plus as well.

Gemini Duo Multisport

The Gemini Duo Multisport is a gorgeous 2200 lumen bike front light powered by a 4000 mAh external battery.

With 2 LED’s in an anodized aluminium housing it has a premium feel, that can light the way between 2 to 50 hours, and weighs a modest 253 grams.

The 2 LED’s offer a solid round beam that make them useful enough for mountain biking, and make them more than adequate for anything else.

The light comes with a lot of extras straight out-of-the-box, including everything you need to turn it into a helmet light.

Additional mounting options are available to make the light compatible with either a GoPro or Garmin mount.

10 different modes are easily accessible using the wireless remote.

A single button on the back of the light is also used to indicate the battery level with 4 different colors. And the battery pack itself also holds an 5-LED indicator.

Knog PWR Mountain 2000 Front Bike Light

Knog is of course well known for their happy multi colored frog lights. With their PWR modular system theyre taking on the competition in the premium bicycle lighting department. The Knog PWR Mountain is their most powerful light at 2000 lumen powered by a 10000 mAh battery.

The lights has a modular setup, which means that the light and battery are two separate units. When buying as a singular package the most obvious feature is that the battery doubles as a power bank as well. Another great feature is that this modular nature means you can buy as many spare batteries / power banks as you want.

The power bank feature is awesome, because such a function is usually only reserved for lights with external batteries. And since you can very easily detach the light from the handlebar the power bank functionally is more user friendly, because you can power your phone, lets say, while drinking a cup of coffee.

The PWR modular system is extremely wel designed with anodised black units splashing bright red colors. And Knog went beyond bicycle lights by enabling you to power such devices as a portable speaker, lantern, and the obvious function as flashlight.

Theres an adapter mount so you can use the light with any Garmin, K-Edge, and GoPro tri-prong mounts. And you can also opt for a front mount.

That means that besides the advantage of the power bank functionality, the light has to perform well in the department youll want to use it for the most: illuminating the road ahead.

The twist function of the light to switch modes is great and easy to use while mounted on a helmet. This feature is also the on and off switch and let’s you cycle through any of the 6 programs. Programs that can be finetuned using Knog’s app.

Knog has crammed a ton of features into one of the best looking front lights with integrated batteries. It’s a premium solution with a broad appeal beyond just mountain biking.

Lezyne MEGA DRIVE 1800i

The Lezyne Mega Drive 1800I is a powerful 1800 mAh front light

So you can setup any of its 7 functions using an app. You can control both a rear light and the front light with the app in a feature called link control. The app also lets you create custom programs besides the factory settings. You can do the same type of thing pairing the light with your Lezyne GPS.

So how about the light itself? The 7 functions are divided into 3 flashing and 4 constant modes. The light has the highest power output, divided across 3 LEDs. It has a sidelight feature as well. The light itself is obviously bright enough for normal road use. The beam is quite narrow, and even with the 1800 on paper, the light doesnt seem to make the most of this potential power.

Its attached to the handlebar using a strap. Luckily Lezyne offers another mount to get the light out front.

Theres a port at the bottom front, which either lets you plugin an optional remote or extra battery, both are nice features.

If you plan to use it with a Lezyne GPS and rear light, you get the most out of the smartphone options. If used as a single light, Id go for something simpler, whichll give you more bang for your buck. Even though this is not the most expensive light out there.


One step below the Super Drive sits the 1300 lumen Lezyne MACRO DRIVE 1300XXL.

Where the Super Drive and the Mega drive don’t really differ that much, the standard Enduro setting of the Macro Drive is 450 lumens. That’s about 60 percent of the other two and it shows.

If you consider the amount of money you save on this one, and none of the three are budget-oriented, I’d go for one of the other two.


The Lezyne SUPER DRIVE 1600XXL looks almost identical to the Mega Drive and offers the exact same features, only with a smaller 1600 lumen output.

So if you want to save your money and are perfectly fine with a little less maximum power, go for this one. The economy, enduro, and blast settings are the same, so you’ll only miss 200 extra lumens on the overdrive setting.

Light & Motion Seca Enduro

The incredible spread of the Light & Motion Seca Enduro means you wont need a second helmet-mounted light if you dont want to. It has 4 LEDs, with 3 used for spot sitting atop one used for spread and evening out the light.

Since it came out in 2008 this has been on the market for quite some time. So the brand should know what they’re doing, and judging from the beam quality, they do. With lots of spread for technical trail riding and an even lighting from side to side.

They’ve significantly dropped in price. Affordable is too big a word but the price has been almost cut in half, which means you get a lot more bang for your buck than you used to, and makes this light a serious contender.

The hooded composite shell has an IP67 rating, which makes it waterproof. And the light can be mounted on the bars and helmet with the included velcro strap.

The external battery is known for having a cable that’s too long. One of the only downsides of this otherwise excellent light. It might not be able to rival competitors with more lumens, but as far as beam quality is concerned, it definitely ranks among the very best.

Light & Motion Seca Comp 2000

The Light & Motion Seca Comp 2000

Its obvious that Light & Motion know what theyre doing. Theyve been around long enough. This means that both spotlights and the single floodlight characteristics of this 2000 lumen light are excellent and to be expected from a bicycle light with this high price tag.

Furthermore the light offers a lot of well-known design characteristics and has probably served as the benchmark for front light design in the industry.

It’s IP67 rating means its body weighing 216 grams is fully waterproof.

The power button offers different colors to indicate the battery level, and fast-charging happens with a micro USB.

A single thick strap keeps the light in place on the handlebars. And a GoPro adapter comes in the box as well.

The lines shines in the commuting department, because the hooded design, when well mounted, ensures you’ll never blind oncoming traffic. And 2000 lumens at full blast for about 2 hours ensures that just about anyone will be able to reach their work before the light starts fading.

Light & Motion Seca Race

The Light & Motion Seca Race offers an incredible beam pattern from it’s four LED setup.

An external battery powers a row of 3 spotlights and a single floodlight ensuring an incredible wide field of view that’s being covered.

At 355 grams it’s not the lightest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t mount this light on your helmet with the included strap.

A hooded design made from plastic encases the waterproof body and ensures oncoming traffic isn’t blinded, though the beam characteristics make this the type of light you’d want to take with you on your next trail run.

The large switch on top of the light is made for operating while wearing gloves, and doubles as a battery indicator.

While drastically reduced in price, it still sits at the top end of the spectrum of lights with this type of output. But on the other hand the beam quality is one that’s up there as well.

Light & Motion Seca Comp 1500

I’m not the biggest fan of their design but the beam quality of the Light & Motion Seca Comp 1500 is undeniable.

Light & Motion have been in the illumination game for years and it shows. They went for a GoPro compatible mount to enable an out front or helmet setup, besides the strap for the handlebar.

Even at 1500 lumen, the beam quality is solid enough for trail riding, with the beam offering enough flood for tight cornering.

Operating the light is easy enough with a button to toggle between medium and race mode, where you get all the power you need. It means the light, with it’s hooded design, is perfect for a quick trail run or your everyday commute.

If I’m correct you can let the battery get replacement should you pass about 300 cycles, which is the lifespan of the battery. So if you care about the environment that’s a big plus.

Light & Motion Vis 1000 Trooper

The Light & Motion Vis 1000 Trooper is a high-quality offering from this long standing brand.

The light ticks all the right boxes. A 1000 lumen single LED’s spotlight with a waterproof aluminium casing.

A high-quality beam predominantly meant for road riding and commuting, with a strap mount to attach it your handlebars.

It has you standard modes, including a daytime flash mode, and side lights for added visibility.

Additional GoPro mounts are available for either an out front or helmet setup, but other lights offer that out of the box.

It means that if you’re looking for just a light and nothing more, you get a lot for your money.

Specifications best MTB lights for night riding

NamePriceMax LumenBattery TypeBattery Capacity (mAh)Battery Life (Hrs)Mount TypeRatingLight ControlWeightBodyHelmet MountBuy at Amazon
NiteRider Lumina OLED 1100 Boost Front Bike Light130 USD1100internal1 – 18bracketlight172aluminium / plasticoptionallink
Magicshine Monteer 8000S Galaxy V2.0 Remote Version420 USD8000external100001.5 – 32out front bracketIPX5wireless remote517aluminiumoptionallink
Magicshine Monteer 6500S Zeus V2.0 Remote Version370 USD6500external100002 – 40out front bracketIPX5wireless remote431aluminiumoptionallink
Magicshine Monteer 5000S Storm MTB Headlight200 USD5000external70002 – 90GarminIPX5light420aluminiumoptionallink
Magicshine MJ906S All-Around Bike Headlight200 USD4500external100001.5 – 50GarminIPX6light445aluminiumyeslink
Magicshine Monteer 3500S Nebula MTB Headlight160 USD3500external52001.5 – 75bracketIPX6light418compositeoptionallink
Magicshine RAY2600 Smart Remote Bike Version150 USD2600internal67001.5 – 22.5strapIPX6remote232aluminium / plasticnolink
Magicshine ALLTY2000 OLED Power Bike Light150 USD2000internal70001 – 14.5GarminIPX5light183aluminium / plasticnolink
Magicshine MJ900S Lightweight Mountain Bike Light70 USD1500external26001.5 – 25GarminIPX6lightaluminiumyeslink
Magicshine RN 1500 Exclusive Colored Bike Light90 USD1500internal50001.5 – 12.5Garmin / GoProIPX7light172aluminiumnolink
Towild BR2000 Bike Light75 USD2000internal52002.5 – 60strapIPX6light350aluminiumnolink
Towild Cl 1200Pro Smart Bike Light50 USD1200internal40001.5 – 10Garminremote176aluminiumoptionallink
Cateye Volt 1700240 USD1700internal68005.5 – 15strapwaterprooflight256aluminium / plasticoptionallink
Exposure Six Pack SYNC Mk4495 pounds5250internal170002 – 36bracketIP65wireless remote386aluminiumnolink
Exposure MaXx-D Mk13289 pounds4000internal116002 – 36bracketIP6light310aluminiumnolink
Exposure Toro MK12305 pounds3200internal87002 – 24bracketIP65light236aluminiumnolink
Exposure Race MK15250 pounds2400internal58002 36bracketIP65light186aluminiumnolink
Fenix BC30 Bike Light V2.090 USD2200internal52002 – 50bracketIP67wireless remote154aluminium / plasticnolink
Gemini Duo Multisport200 USD2200external40002 – 21o-ringwireless remote253aluminiumyeslink
Knog PWR Mountain 2000 Front Bike Light220 USD2000internal100002 – 200bracketIP66light365aluminiumoptionallink
Lezyne MEGA DRIVE 1800i175 USD1800internal1.5 – 148strapIP7light237aluminiumnolink
Lezyne MACRO DRIVE 1300XXL100 USD1300internal2.5 – 148strapIP7light208aluminiumnolink
Lezyne SUPER DRIVE 1600XXL150 USD1600internal2 – 148strapIP7light227aluminiumnolink
Light & Motion Seca Enduro240 USD2500external2.5 – 20strapwaterprooflight495plasticyeslink
Light & Motion Seca Comp 2000203 USD2000internal1.5 – 9strap, GoProIP67light216plasticnolink
Light & Motion Seca Race210 USD2000external1.5 – 12strapIP67light355plasticyeslink
Light & Motion Seca Comp 1500108 USD1500internal1.5 – 6strapIP67light216aluminiumnolink
Light & Motion Vis 1000 Trooper60 USD1000internal1.5 – 9strapIP67light121aluminiumnolink