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The top 6 best 800 lumen bike lights

In this article I’m going to give you the very best 800 lumen bike lights.

800 lumens won’t quite cut it on the trail, but they can still be used as such when mounted on your helmet. Almost all brands offer optional helmet mounts to do such a thing.

The lights on this list are best-in-class when it comes to the beam quality. The single LED they offer brings excellent spotlight properties as well as good side-to-side floodlight characteristics.

800 lumens means they’re all lights with integrated batteries. They can be dismounted and stored easily for bikepacking and touring purposes. The waterproof aluminium housing of these lights mean they’re sturdy and can take a beating.

So whether it’s your daily commute, or your nightime road cycling ride, they will provide safety with well lit roads.

Let’s see what’s made it on my list of the best 800 lumen bike lights.

Exposure Sirius Mk9 DayBright

The Exposure Sirius Mk9 DayBright is one of the best-looking sub-1000 lumen front bike lights you can find.

An excellent waterproof aluminium housing holds a large 2900 mAh battery powering this 800 lumen light. Considering the fact the light weighs only 82 grams, it gives you up to 30 hours of battery life.

A handlebar mount is provided but a GoPro adapter is available for other mounting options, as well as an optional helmet mount.

The single LED throws a very bright spotlight with a descent enough spread, making this one of the best options for road cycling and daily commuting, or for trail riding when mounted on a helmet.

Cateye AMPP800

The Cateye AMPP800 is an excellent and relatively affordable road- and commuting option.

The design of the aluminium light wraps the lens around the side, making it very easy for traffic approaching from the side, to see you.

The light is attached to the handlebars with a proprietary mount. An optional helmet mount and GoPro is available, extending its mounting flexibility.

The build quality is high with a waterproof IPX4 rating and a micro USP port well-placed at the bottom of the light.

The beam, powered by a 2500 mAh battery, will last you longer than 2 hours on the medium setting. The soft round beam provides a large are which is sufficiently lit for road cycling and commuting.

The power button serves as a three-stage battery indicator.

Besides the flash mode you get your low (200), medium (400), and high (800 lumen) settings.

Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight

You should only buy this light if you have a Garmin Edge. Thats because when used in combination with that GPS, you can use the smart options to the fullest.

It means the light automatically adjusts its brightness based how it evaluates your GPS data in terms of speed and ride profile. This option works like a charm and can at any time be overridden manually. The Garmin also displays battery status and can turn the light on only when the Garmin itself is being used.

The light does what it sets out to do very well, given it has only one LED to do so. It has the standard low (200), medium (400), high (800) output as well as a flash and daylight mode. It has sidelights as well.

The mounting option is probably the best out-of-the-box. The dual mount with a Garmin on top and the light in a three-prong at the bottom is a thing of beauty. And considering the light itself is a great piece of engineering, this total setup looks absolutely fantastic on your bike.

And it doesnt cost you an arm and a leg.

Kryptonite Alley F-800

In an ocean awash with similar products, I’m always looking for those that offers a high-vaue package, and the Kryptonite Alley F-800 does that.

With a single LED outputting a high-quality beam in a sturdy aluminium round housing, with side-illumination, it delivers in the most important area. It has excellent floodlight properties, with above average spread.

Furthermore it covers the basics in the settings department, with 3 standard settings, and 3 flash modes. As well as a power button / battery indicator, with 3 different colors.

The port is sensibly located underneath the light to prevent water damage.

The light offers a ratcheted strap, and an optional helmet mount is available. I would have loved to see a GoPro or Garmin mount as well.

When the battery life drops below 10 percent it auto-adjusts itself to the low steady mode to lower the risk of riding unlit.


The Lezyne MICRO DRIVE PRO 800XL offers a combination of many settings you can scroll through with a remote. That’s pretty unique for a 800 lumen bike light and immediately distinguishes itself from the competion.

Those modes are either the 800 and 150, or everything else, meaning 250, 400, and flash modes. The highest setting will offer you 1.45 hours of burn time, and with the remote you can easily extend that period well over 2 hours or more.

A remote is a very welcome addition to a light, especially one you use in less than ideal road circumstances, where removing your hand to operate a rather small power button is a hassle at best.

There’s an optional helmet and GoPro mount, which I would almost argue, is a must for such a bike light.

I would give this light a definite plus one in the bikepacking and gravel riding category, or when your daily commute is on roads less travelled, because of its remote.

Magicshine ALLTY800 Rechargeable USB-C Road Bike Light

The Magicshine ALLTY800 Rechargeable USB-C Road Bike Light offers a Garmin compatible mount out-of-the-box.

That’s a big plus besides the perfect beam quality it offers as well. So if you already own a Garmin you can go for an out front mount with an inverted light mount. There’s an optional helmet mount available as well.

The light is fast-charged using the latest USB-C standard instead of the more traditional micro-USB.

Just as with the Lezyne it has a settings which switches between the highest and an economy setting, if you like riding at full output, but still want to be able to easily extend battery life.

The single LED offers a bright spotlight and the top half of the lens offers floodlight characteristics for improved visibility side to side.

It’s one of the most affordable high-quality options within its category.

Specifications 800 lumen bike lights

NamePriceMax LumenBattery TypeBattery Capacity (mAh)Battery Life (Hrs)Mount TypeRatingLight ControlWeightBodyHelmet MountBuy at Amazon
Exposure Sirius Mk9 DayBright85 pounds850internal29001.5 – 36bracketIP6light84aluminiumoptionallink
Cateye AMPP80070 USD800internal25001.5 – 30bracketIPX4light136aluminiumoptionallink
Garmin Varia UT800 Smart Headlight100 USD800internal1.5 – 25Garmin mountIPX7light / garmin130aluminiumoptionallink
Kryptonite Alley F-80075 USD800internal1.5 – 24strapIP64light162aluminiumnolink
Lezyne MICRO DRIVE PRO 800XL75 USD800internal1.5 – 19strapIPX7remote114aluminiumoptionallink
Magicshine ALLTY800 Rechargeable USB-C Road Bike Light60 USD800internal40001.5 – 11strapIPX7light172aluminiumoptionallink