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The top 5 best 700 lumens bicycle lights

In this article you’ll find my top picks for the best 700 lumens bicycle lights.

There are hundreds of bike lights with variations in lumen outputs from 80 to 8000, which means it’s difficult to exactly pinpoint the usage of a 700 bike light.

But I would argue that 700 is a sweet spot for both commuting and road cycling. Especially if you’re looking for a somewhat more affordable front bike light.

Bike lights are products that have been on the market for years now, which means well-established brands know what they’re doing. Offering high quality beams with optional helmet, GoPro and Garmin mounts to suit many riders.

They’re all waterproof, offer multiple modes, battery indicators, high quality aluminium housings, and enough battery life for a solid 2 hour ride.

So with that out of the way, let’s head over to my list of the best 700 lumens bicycle lights.

NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 Front Bike Light

The NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 Front Bike Light is a solid front bike light with a proven high quality beam.

The distinctive IP64 waterproof nylon shell with silver heatsink houses the single powerful LED that offers enough light for both road cycling and gravel riding on unlit roads.

The three main settings are operated using the power button, which also doubles as a stoplight battery indicator. The let you cycle to low (250), medium (500), and high (750) settings.

Available with optional GoPro and Helmet mounts to extend its functionality has made it a favorite design for many years.

Knog PWR Road 700 Front Bike Light

The Knog PWR Road 700 Front Bike Light is one of the most distinctive (and expensive) bike lights within its category.

Knog’s modular approach let’s you swap out the power bank, which means you theoretically hook the light up to their maxium 10000 mAh battery.

Besides bike lights, Knog also offers torches, speakers, and the like to power with the battery, which is also a power bank.

I don’t know of other bike lights that offer this feature, which should put it on top of the list of bikepackers and long distance touring.

The head has a twist feature to power it on or of, which is a nice touch when you use this as a helmet light with the optional mount.

The waterproof aluminium housing is extremely well designed in anodized black with red elements.

It offers 2 flood light LED’s and a single spotlight, which offers a beam suitable for anything but mountain biking.

There are 6 light modes which can be further customized using a proprietary app. You toggle each mode by turning the light, so there’s no power button. And because there isn’t you have a 4-strip LED on top of the light as a battery indicator.

Charging is done with the help of a micro usb located on the inside of the 3300 mAh battery, ensuring no water can get inside the battery.

The design of this light feels fresh and well-thought out. It certainly is one of the best looking ones, and the plethora of available mounting options ensure you can place the light anywhere you want.


Coming in your standard black and a silver version, the Lezyne CLASSIC DRIVE 700XL is a beautiful front bike light, for commuting on unlit roads.

The distinctive feature of this light is its user-friendly setting where you can quickly swap between 2 modes only: 400 lumen and the maximum 700 lumen.

It’s this ease of use that’s a nice touch in an otherwise excellent setup, with a waterproof round aluminium housing.

The power button also serves as a stoplight battery indicator, something we’ve seen with many other lights as well.

And you’ve got your optional helmet and GoPro mount for an out front or Garmin setup.

A single spotlight with a maximum output of 700 lumens means it moves into the category of being seen rather than to see, though it does outshine many of its competitors.

Lezyne CLASSIC DRIVE 700XL oilslick

The Lezyne CLASSIC DRIVE 700XL also comes in the very bling oilslick version.

Light & Motion Vis 700 Tundra

The Light & Motion Vis 700 Tundra is a commuting and road cycling oriented front bike light.

A single strong LED and amber side lights ensure you’re seen on busy urban environments. The beam pattern is strong and tapers smoothly into the side, enabling a well-lit view on unlit roads.

Just as with the Lezyne lights this one has a toggle mode between the highest and the medium setting, which is exceptionally useful and user-friendly.

It’s black-silver housing has a premium high-quality feel to it, and the light has one of the highest waterproof ratings.

Furthermore you’ve got your stoplight power button battery indicator, and a smattering of helmet and GoPro optional mounts.

Specifications 700 lumens bicycle lights

NamePriceMax LumenBattery TypeBattery Capacity (mAh)Battery Life (Hrs)Mount TypeRatingLight ControlWeightBodyHelmet MountBuy at Amazon
NiteRider Lumina Micro 750 Front Bike Light70 USD750internal2 – 12bracketIP64light130nylon / aluminiumoptionallink
Knog PWR Road 700 Front Bike Light90 USD700internal33401.7 – 165bracketIP66light125aluminiumoptionallink
Lezyne CLASSIC DRIVE 700XL65 USD700internal2 -19strapIPX7light124aluminiumoptionallink
Lezyne CLASSIC DRIVE 700XL oilslick54 USD700internal2 -19strapIPX7light124aluminiumoptionallink
Light & Motion Vis 700 Tundra48 USD700internal1.5 – 9strapIP67light121aluminiumoptionallink