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The top 3 best 2200 lumen bike lights

In this article I’m going to list the best 2200 lumen bike lights.

2200 lumen is incredibly powerful and about equals the output of an average car light. This means these lights are perfect for both mountain biking and adventure-style cycling, like gravel riding and bikepacking.

Or if your road cycling includes non-lit roads, these lights will ensure you don’t need any external lighting. Just be sure you don’t blind any oncoming traffic.

The lights on this list are very diverse, both in features and price, so besides the lumen output, there’s a lot to consider.

But whatever option suits your riding style best, you can be sure your next nighttime riding will be accompanied with all the light you need with any of these best 2200 lumen bike lights.

Exposure Race MK15

The Exposure Race MK15 sales page explicitly states this light is for XC riders, which could be the reason its the smallest offering in their MTB category. Small being not that small at all since this light with a 250.00 price tag gives you a 2200 lumen output and a 5800 mAh battery.

So why is this light so expensive compared to the other ones on this list? The thing with this light is that it has 3d accelerometers, just like your smartphone. So it knows whether youre moving and which way youre moving and how fast youre accelerating or decelerating. And the light adjusts its output accordingly. The Race MK15 is their entry-level option with this type of technology they call Reflex.

Besides this smart mode you also have the choice of 10 other modes with variable settings in each modes.

Theres an optional GoPro mount and Garmin mount available. They dont offer their own front mount bracket, which is a shame. But with a K-Edge Go Big On-Center Mount youd get there eventually. And if youre willing to spend that much money on a light, you might be willing to spend the extra 50 dollars to get it in the correct place as well.

The light is an absolute gorgeous piece of kit with an astonishing amount of technology on-board. Exposure has truly created the next step in bicycle lighting. There really is nothing like it in the market.

Fenix BC30 Bike Light V2.0

The Fenix BC30 Bike Light V2.0 is an incredibly affordable yet powerful front bike light, with a 2200 lumen output generated by a 5200 mAh battery.

You cannot expect much more than a bright light for that kind of money, let alone 3d accelerometers like those found in the Exposure lights. But what you do get surely let’s it deserve a place on this list.

The biggest drawback in terms of price is that batteries are NOT included in the package, which means the sub-100 dollar price tag isnt the one youll actually be paying, unless you just happen to have two 18650 Li-ion batteries lying around. But the fact you can take as many of those batteries with you could also be considered a great way of never running out of juice for your bicycle light.

Whats also very important to realize is that batteries have a finite lifespan, especially if you use them often. And the fact this light uses readily accessible batteries means you can also use the light itself. None of the other lights Ive reviewed work this way. Batteries will eventually wear out and will prove to be hard and expensive to fix, if you can fix them at all.

The 18650 batteries Fenix offers themselves go from 2600 mAh up to 3500 mAh, so you can put up to 7000 mAh into this light. The price ranges from .95 to .95. You can then simply carry an the extra cheaper set with you, if youre afraid of running out of juice. Or you can buy a battery and charger bundle for .95 and be done with it.

The two batteries are placed in a tray that slides into the aluminium encasing. You can pull the tray out of its housing by turning and then pulling on a metal ring at the end.

It does have a bluetooth remote so you can easily use this light mounted on your helmet as well, which, for the price, is an incredible extra value.

The lack of batteries out-of-the-box, but your ability to take as many of them with you, is both kind of let down and very useful. The powerful light, with a remote for a very descent price is nothing short of impressive.

The light has a very solid design and will last you long enough for a good entry level price. This is also the most sustainable light, which I consider to be a great plus as well.

Gemini Duo Multisport

The Gemini Duo Multisport is a gorgeous 2200 lumen bike front light powered by a 4000 mAh external battery.

With 2 LED’s in an anodized aluminium housing it has a premium feel, that can light the way between 2 to 50 hours, and weighs a modest 253 grams.

The 2 LED’s offer a solid round beam that make them useful enough for mountain biking, and make them more than adequate for anything else.

The light comes with a lot of extras straight out-of-the-box, including everything you need to turn it into a helmet light.

Additional mounting options are available to make the light compatible with either a GoPro or Garmin mount.

10 different modes are easily accessible using the wireless remote.

A single button on the back of the light is also used to indicate the battery level with 4 different colors. And the battery pack itself also holds an 5-LED indicator.

Specifications 2200 lumen bike lights

NamePriceMax LumenBattery TypeBattery Capacity (mAh)Battery Life (Hrs)Mount TypeRatingLight ControlWeightBodyHelmet MountBuy at Amazon
Exposure Race MK15250 pound2200internal58002 36bracketIP65light186aluminiumnolink
Fenix BC30 Bike Light V2.090 USD2200internal52002 – 50bracketIP67wireless remote154plasticnolink
Gemini Duo Multisport200 USD2200external40002 – 21o-ringwireless remote253aluminiumyeslink