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Kona Catalogs

Here you can find all the Kona catalogs from 1989 up to 1999.

Kona started in 1988 and quickly became a big contender in the rapidly growing mountain bike industry.

They are know for their bike sporting names with a Hawaian influence and names only teenagers would come up with (“For Play”, “SEX One, Too and Three”, and “Stinky”). As well as some badly designed but very nineties catalogs (especially the 1998 one).

Their dedication to the mountain bike scene shows, with hardly any models other than a handful of cruisers and road bikes.

Iconic Models

But they did come up with some gorgeous mountain bikes that perfectly capture the dynamic spirit of the nineties.

1992 Kona Explosif-Pro

1994 Kona Explosif-Pro

The Kona Explosif has been in their lineup from the very start, but it’s the Explosif-Pro from 1992 that would feature the ultra cool looking Future Shock fork. It was a combination of a linkage system with an elastomer.

Finding an old Kona is relatively easy. Finding that fork is much harder.

1994 Kona Hei Hei

I’ve included 1994’s Kona Hei Hei to the mix because it has a titanium frame. Kona is one of the few manufacturers who would have a titanium bike in their lineup.

This is not the first one (that would be the one from 1991), but it is the first one with a factory installed absolutely stunning Marzocchi XC 500 fork.

And 1994 also meant your high-end MTB would feature XTR components.

The 1995 version with Syncros and Cook Bros. Racing components might be even better looking, but this all silver and gold bike is one helluva machine.

1994 Kona EFS

In the early nineties mountain bike manufacturers we’re trying all kinds of suspension, some good, some very bad. For a while this Italian design from a little company called Verlicchi that specialized in suspension was all the rage.

Kona did nothing else but slap their own brand on it, put a couple of wheels in the frame and unleash it on the market. Hence the reason you’ll find the same design from other brands of that time, who did exactly the same (Iron Horse FS Works, Sintesi Bromont)

It was the first dual suspension bike featuring the Kona brand.


Kona Models

Mountain Bike

A A1994 – 1997
Cinder Cone1989 – 1995 | 1999
Caldera1997 – 1999
Explosif1989 – 1999
Explosif Pro1992
Fire Mountain1989 – 1999
For Play1996
Hahanna1991 – 1999
Hei Hei1991 – 1995 | 1999
Hot1991 – 1992 | 1995 – 1998
Kilauea1993 – 1998
King Kahuna1996 – 1998
King Kikapu1997 – 1999
Koa1995 – 1997
Ku1995 – 1998
Kula1994 – 1999
Lava Dome1990 – 1999
Manomano1997 – 1999
Misser Replica1997
Mokomoko1998 – 1999
Muni-Mula1995 – 1999
Pahoehoe1998 – 1999
SEX One1995 – 1996
SEX Too1995 – 1996
SEX Three1996
Stab1998 – 1999
Stab Dee-Lux1999
Stinky Dee-Lux1999
U’hu1997 – 1998


Haole1992 | 1995 | 1999
Jake the Snake1998 – 1999
Kapu1995 – 1999


Humuhumu1995 – 1996
A’ha1995 – 1997