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The top 5 best 650b gravel tires for mud

In this article I’m going to give you my list for the best 650b gravel tires for mud.

That’s not as easy as it might look, and I had to admit that this article took me longer than a lot of other articles I’ve written on the subject of tires. And I’ve written a lot. That’s because to me the workds gravel tires and mud are difficult to pair. Just as road bike and downhill don’t sit well together.

To understand why that is, you have to understand the various factors that make up a tire. You see, the best tires for riding in the most of extreme conditions are mountain bike tires with widths that exceed the average gravel bike frame. You simply won’t be able to put a 2.8 inch Schwalbe Magic Mary into such a frame.

So picking the best 650b gravel tires for mud does entail a bit of compromising. And a great middle-road of adding additional levels of grip when the going get’s tough is looking at tires traditionally used for XC and ligh trail riding. These tires go up to a width of 2.2 inches, which is about the maximum amount of volume you want for a gravel bike, and the maximum connection with what you’re riding on.

These tires are also still very lightweight. Even more so, on this list you’ll find the lightest tires in their respective widths on the entire planet. The best of the best. Nonetheless, softer compounds and raised side knobbies ensure you don’t wipe out while cornering, or at least reduce that risk to a minimum.

But enough talk, let’s head over the contenders for the very best 650b gravel tires for mud.

Maxxis Forekaster

Maxxis Forekaster
Maxxis Forekaster

The Maxxis Forekaster is a lightweight cross-country and light trail tire meant for wet and slippery conditions.

Widely spaced knobbies ensure mud get’s shed quickly, enabling you to maintain grip in tricky situations.

The tubeless ready tire has EXO sidewall protection sitting underneath their Dual layer compound, which makes for a highly durable setup, both in the front and rear.

The 2.2 inch width version gives you just that extra bit of bite and volume necessary to get you through the trail which will throw anything at you.

Maxxis Ikon

Maxxis Ikon
Maxxis Ikon

The Maxxis Ikon is one of the best if not the best lightweight allrounder. It’s perfect for cross country and trail riding in normal conditions.

Compared to trail tires meant for rougher conditions, the Maxxis Ikon is extremely lightweight, with weights ranging from 590 to 700 grams, depending on the size and chosen compound.

It’s tread pattern is versatile enough for the tire to be mounted both in the front and the back. And it also means it combines good cornering characteristics with braking power and traction.

The EXO compound means the tire is pretty durable compared to competition, and all in all it means that as far as lightweight allrounders is concerned, the Ikon is at the top of its game.

Schwalbe Rocket Ron

Schwalbe Rocket Ron
Schwalbe Rocket Ron

Both the weight and tread pattern puts the Schwalbe Rocket Ron squarely into XC territory. The evenly spaced knobs mean you always hold contact with the ground ensuring a low rolling resistance.

You should be able to confidently do light trail riding in loose and wet conditions with these tires, and the XC-oriented tread pattern combined with either the Super Ground or Super Race compound will provide you with the speed you need.

Its worthy to note that the Schwalbe Rocket Ron performs really well in the rolling resistance department, as do all Schwalbe tires. So its both light and fast.

Continental Cross King Racesport

Continental Cross King Racesport
Continental Cross King Racesport

The Continental Cross King RaceSport is a lightweight XC tire. Continental is known for making some of the lightest tires in the world and this one sits just over half a kilo at 520 grams for a 2.2 inch width version, which indeed is encredibly light.

With this tire youre able to get more grip in both dry and wet conditions and veering of the path into the woods is an option with more prominent side knobs.

With a dual setup both front and back, it means you have add significant amounts of grip to your gravel setup. A setup that supports cornering confidence, traction, and high levels of acceleration.

Maxxis Ardent Race

Maxxis Ardent Race
Maxxis Ardent Race

The Maxxis Ardent Race is a solid option to mount as both front and rear 650b XC tires.

With a reasonable weight of 714 for the 2.2 inch version it means its still quite a bit heavier than the Schwalbe Rocket Ron or Continental Cross King RaceSport.

But paired with the Maxxis Ikon in the back you still have a very speedy setup from this brand with EXO casing protection.

The triple compound provides a fast-rolling center with softer and grippier side knobs for added traction and cornering confidence.

In dry conditions the traction will prove to be outstanding. In wet conditions the small close-knit knobs can get packed with mud. So youll need to resort to a different tire if you want to ride year round without swapping tires.

Specifications best 650b gravel tires for mud

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at Amazon
Continental Cross King Racesport27.5×2.2055-584520BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Ikon27.5×2.2056-584590BlackLight Tanlink
Maxxis Ikon27.5×2.2056-584668BlackTanlink
Maxxis Ikon27.5×2.2056-584630BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Ardent Race27.5×2.2056-584714BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Rocket Ron27.5×2.1054-584560BlackBlacklink