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The top 7 best 29 inch tubeless gravel tires

In this article I’m going to give you a list of the very best 29 inch tubeless gravel tires.

To do so I turned towards the cross country section of most brands. It’s these tires that are basically exactly the same as gravel tires meant for rougher conditions. With the only exception that they come in 29 inch packages and offer much more width.

Whereas your standard gravel tire has a width of about 40 millimeter, in this list you’ll find tires going up to 60 millimeters. That means more volume, more comfort, more grip, more cornering confidence, more traction and basically a 29er that looks the part.

So whether you’re going bikepacking, gravel riding, touring round the globe, or light trail riding, this overview of best 29 inch tubeless gravel tires will serve you well.

Maxxis Ikon

Maxxis Ikon
Maxxis Ikon

Hailed as an allround cross country tire the Maxxis Ikon has the classic tiny-knob-all-over-the place look. It’s allround nature makes it a great option for diverse road conditions.

This is a pretty light tire. The reliable EXO compound, also used for harsher enduro racing, means youll enjoy this tire for many miles.

As with any tire with this type of tread, itll perform well in dry conditions. This 29 inch version has versions from 2 to 2.6 inches. You can run this tire both front and back, and might opt for the wider version in the front for some added grip. Especially if you expect some portions of your ride to be particularly rough.

Maxxis Pace

Maxxis Pace
Maxxis Pace

The Maxxis Pace could be called a semi-slick and as such will prove to excel on terrains ranging from your standard tarmac, to dirt roads, hardpack and gravel.

It’s an XC tire with the most minimal tread pattern, which means it’s intented use is dry conditions only.

Because of the tightly spaced knobbies the rolling-resistance is much lower than tires that have more spaced out tread patterns. As such you’ll have a continuous connection with the road.

The single 2.10 width 29 inch tire has a claimed weight of 650 grams with the tried-and-true EXO casing for puncture protection, which means this tire is pretty light on its feet.

If you occassionally veer of the beaten path this is a great tire. If you feel like you want just a little more grip and tire width options, look for the Rekon Race.

Maxxis Rekon Race

Maxxis Rekon Race
Maxxis Rekon Race

The Maxxis Rekon Race is a perfect allround option to use as a 29 inch gravel tire.

Multiple widths are available from 2.25 up to 2.40 inches. In general the entire premium lineup of Maxxis are great tires, and I particularly like the Rekon Race.

The reason is that the tire provides lots of grip for true gravel riding in dry conditions. And if there’s one thing I love to do is moving through a forest at lightning speed.

Maxxis often makes heavier tires than the counterparts of either Continental or Schwalbe, but their EXO casing has proven over the years to be extremely reliable. And speed is great, but reliability is more important if you ask me.

And in the end weight isn’t the only factor that makes up a high-quality tire. And I firmly believe the 120 TPI versions are fantastic tires for your gravel setup.

Schwalbe G-One Speed

Schwalbe G-One Speed
Schwalbe G-One Speed

If you’re a person who likes fast plush rides on pavement and slightly course roads the Schwalbe G-One Speed is probably the best tire money can buy.

It’s an exceptional big volume road tire that’s light, nimble, and let’s you rip down the road with a big grin on your face. It’s a step up in width from your average road tire, which means you get an incredibly supple and plush ride and loads of grip. Sure you have to sacrifice a bit in the rolling-resistance departement when compared to a 25 millimeter road tire, but this tire is simply more fun to ride and much, much more comfortable.

And this tire doesn’t shy away from light gravel riding as well, broadening the range of application beyond very fast commuting.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB

Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB
Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB looks like a knobby tire, but if you look close enough you can see that center tread will let you run smoothly across pavement.

You will need that smooth centerline, because this tire is the heaviest on the list by far. It weighs three times more than the lightest tire on this list. The biggest plus for hauling all that extra weight is that in terms of puncture protection, this tire has absolutely no equal.

So for those of you who want the risk of flats nearing zero, this is the tire for you.

Schwalbe Thunder Burt

Schwalbe Thunder Burt
Schwalbe Thunder Burt

The Schwalbe Thunder Burt could just as well double as an aggressive gravel tire.

Dubbed as the fastest mountain bike tire in Schwalbe’s lineup, this characteristic is achieved with a very shallow center tread pattern, with small raised knobbies on the side.

What this does is lower rolling resistance on the straights, but at the same time give you a modicum of increased traction when cornering.

The 2.1 inch width version with the Super Race compound is the lightest tire on this list, sitting at 545 grams. That’s indeed extremely light, making this tire the most raceworthy 29 inch gravel tire as well.

Naturally for such a tire, it’s fully tubeless compatible, so no adding more weight with inner tubes, maintaining the low weight for amazing acceleration and an overall nimble feel.

Vittoria Mezcal

Vittoria Mezcal
Vittoria Mezcal

Another cross-country crossover well-suited for bikepacking is the Vittoria Mezcal. The 2.1 and 2.25 inch width versions available for 29 inch tires, have a very low-profile tread pattern to improve rolling-resistance.

The 690 grams for the 2.25 version is relatively light. And it’s this tire that has been on several cross-country championship bikes. So as far as speed is concerned, it’s extremely fast.

But for gravel riding you’ll need much more than speed. You want longevity and durability. The Vittoria Mezcal uses their proprietary graphene enhanced 4C compound. It prevents the knobs from squirming on hardpack, which in turn increases speed and durability.

The Mezcal is most at home on hardpack, but does perform well on other surface types. But like all of the other tires mentioned here, you will run into issues when encountering mud. The knobs are simply bunched too much together.

The Vittoria Mezcal makes for a fast and durable dual setup.

Specifications best 29 inch tubeless gravel tires

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread ColorSidewall ColorBuy at Amazon
Maxxis Ikon29×2.0057-662685BlackTanlink
Maxxis Ikon29×2.0057-662724BlackDark Tanlink
Maxxis Ikon29×2.0057-662680BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Ikon29×2.3560-622755BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Ikon29×2.6066-622799BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Pace29×2.1053-622650BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Rekon Race29×2.2557-622691BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Rekon Race29×2.3560-622805BlackTanlink
Maxxis Rekon Race29×2.3560-622762BlackBlacklink
Maxxis Rekon Race29×2.4061-622759BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe G-One Speed29×2.3560-622560BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB29×2.1052-6221275BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB29×2.1052-6221350BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt29×2.1054-622550BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt29×2.1054-622545BlackTransparentlink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt29×2.2557-622615BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt29×2.2557-622645BlackTransparentlink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt29×2.3560-622745BlackBlacklink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt29×2.3560-622730BlackTransparentlink
Vittoria Mezcal29×2.2557-622690BlackTanlink
Vittoria Mezcal29×2.1054-622680BlackAnthracitelink