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The top 11 best 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires

In this article I’m going to cover my picks for the best 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires.

Even though 29 inch wheels have taken over the bicycle industry by storm, there are still plenty of reasons why you want to opt for the smaller 27.5 inch wheel size. If not for the fact there are still plenty of them you can pick up for a decent price, because the first owner wants to upgrade to 29 inch wheels.

Another solid reason to go for 27.5 wheels is because you can indeed convert a 26 inch bike into one running these bigger wheels. And in the end the options for 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires is simply different from the 26 inch slick versions.

Whatever your reason, if you’re looking to spruce up your frame with the best 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires money can buy, I’ve got the list for you.

Continental Contact Speed

Meant for the road the Continental Contact Speed is a slick tire in the true sense of the word. A minimalistic profile will turn your bike into a city slicker.

Continental Speed King Racesport II

An extremely low rolling resistance. A very low weight. Championship endowed. And coming in a beautiful 27.5 inch package. The Continental Speed King Racesport has everything going for it and is the winner on this list for speed junkies looking for the perfect semi slick to bomb XC trails and even give road bike cyclist a run for their money.

Its ridiculous TPI count of 180 enables the weight to come down to a mere 430 grams, which is almost the lightest tire on this list. It means that you’re a rocket when putting the power to the pedal. Even with 2.2 inch wide tires, which’ll look sick on any retro MTB.

Rene Herse Switchback Hill TC

It’s an understatement to say that the Rene Herse Switchback Hill TC is a light tire. Ranging between 403 and 441 grams, depending on the casing you choose, it makes this true slick tire, one of the fastest rolling ones on this list of best 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires.

On top of that, you can run a tan version as well, and there’s the option to go for an endurance casing should you want the maximum amount of mileage out of the tire.

Schwalbe Big Ben

The Schwalbe Big Ben is the Big Apple’s brother, which means it’s heavier. In fact, they’re almost the heaviest tires overall in this list. And it’s also reflected in a price which will hurt your wallet the least.

The Plus version is also probably the plushest ride here, but with almost a kilo per tire don’t expect to be flying away went the light goes green.

Schwalbe Hurricane

I also decided to include the Schwalbe Hurricane in this list. It’s a shame they don’t sell them in skinwall versions as well. But the tire packs a solid combination of a flat centerline and side knobs.

So if you want to keep a MTB look for your tires without sacrificing too much speed on the road, this is the perfect tire for you. Especially if you like the occassional trail as well because of the added grip.

Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB

The Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB looks like a knobby tire, but if you look close enough you can see that center tread will let you run smoothly across pavement.

You will need that smooth centerline, because this tire is the heaviest on the list by far. It weighs three times more than the lightest tire on this list. The biggest plus for hauling all that extra weight is that in terms of puncture protection, this tire has absolutely no equal.

Schwalbe Super Moto-X

If you want to go really wide with your tires then the Schwalbe Super Moto-X is what you need. Make sure your frame and fork actually fits the enormous 2.4 inches before placing the order though. You wouldn’t be the first with rubbing problems. And that your rims aren’t too narrow. You don’t want the tire to blow of the wheel as well.

Schwalbe Thunder Burt

Another fantastic option from Schwalbe, and on the more premium side, is the Schwalbe Thunder Burt. It’s a very lightweight XC tire with hardly and tread pattern in the center to speak of.

If you feel that you might be gravel oriented with your bike this is an excellent choice. The raised knobbies on the side will give you the confidence you’re looking for, while the extremely low weight of just 510 grams also means these mid-size tires are very fast.

SwiftTire Volummy

WTB Groov-E

The WTP Groov-E was designed for e-bikes, which is reflected in the weight of 970 grams.

The reason it’s on this list, is because with its 2.40 inch width and weight, it will offer an extremely plush ride. Not everybody is looking for speed, and if comfort sits high on your list, this tire might be the one for you.

WTB ThickSlick

I’ve looked at all WTB’s tires. I always loved the color of their skinwall, but the WTB ThickSlick is the only tire that comes in 26 inches. But the ThickSlick is true to its name and has absolutely no profile whatsoever, which makes for a very clean look on your retro MTB.

Although the slickest of the bunch here, the dual compound doesn’t make them the lightest with 713 grams.

Specifications 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires

NameSizeETRTOWeight (gr)Tread
Buy at
Buy at
Continental Contact Speed27.5×2.0050-584700BlackBlacklinklink
Continental Speed King Racesport II27.5×2.2055-584430BlackBlacklinklink
Rene Herse Switchback Hill TC48-584441BlackTanlink
Rene Herse Switchback Hill TC48-584403BlackBlacklink
Rene Herse Switchback Hill TC48-584403BlackTanlink
Rene Herse Switchback Hill TC48-584441BlackDark tanlink
Schwalbe Big Ben27.5×2.0050-584745BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Hurricane27.5×2.0050-584610BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Hurricane27.5×2.2557-584690BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Hurricane27.5×2.4062-584885BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB27.5×2.1054-5841200BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Marathon Plus MTB27.5×2.2557-5841270BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Super Moto-X27.5×2.4062-5841125BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Super Moto-X27.5×2.8070-584980BlackBlacklinklink
Schwalbe Thunder Burt27.5×2.1054-584510BlackBlacklinklink
SwiftTire Volummy27.5×1.9048-584565BlackBlack
SwiftTire Volummy27.5×1.9048-584565BlackTan
WTB Groov-E27.5×2.4062-584970BlackBlacklink
WTB ThickSlick27.5×1.9550-584713BlackBlacklinklink

And those are my top picks for the best 27.5 inch slick mountain bike tires!